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Sep 2017
Ari Zellner
Sep 05 2017 11:57
So, the SemVer lecture was productive?
Jared Deubel
Sep 05 2017 20:48
Interesting. Could you dump that ContainerImage record? I'm particuar interested if it's deleted_on.
@cben Are you able to assist with this?
Beni Cherniavsky-Paskin
Sep 05 2017 21:27
are you comfortable with rails console?
Beni Cherniavsky-Paskin
Sep 05 2017 21:33
irb(main)> images = ContainerImage.where(digest: "sha256:ff9feda756c7e862937d0a7b45f4f10b679155cb51f592095fc6ee7c91cbe18b").all
hopefully this will return exactly 1 image record.
irb(main)> pp images[0]
irb(main)> pp images[0].containers