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Aug 2015
Jason Frey
Aug 13 2015 13:58
@matthewd Yes, I think it might be doing that...I don't remember seeing that when I was following the SQL statements, but maybe it was there and just didn't stand out
Alex Krzos
Aug 13 2015 17:28
So for carving out a provider, I can not use the same host name since adding the same provider under a separate account displays "Host Name has already been taken"
Alex Krzos
Aug 13 2015 19:30
So I carved out one 10,000 vm provider into 5 separate admin accounts and edited /etc/hosts on an appliance to allow me to use the same provider mapped to 5 different host names. I can now "delta" refresh that entire 10,000 vm provider in ~350s vs ~1300s by having 5 refresh workers interact even with a single VIMBroker
of course I am using more cpu since 5 workers all refreshing concurrently