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Dec 2015
Keenan Brock
Dec 04 2015 01:52
@matthewd was your intent to convert all to Rbac.filtered(...)?
Greg Blomquist
Dec 04 2015 18:18
@Fryguy, @akrzos, I know this is highly environment-dependent, but wondering if it's typical for EmsRefresh.save_hosts_inventory to take 40s to save each host
thinking not, but before I continue digging I wanted to make sure there's not something obvious that I just don't know about
Jason Frey
Dec 04 2015 18:21
the save part? (I would not expect it to take that long)
Greg Blomquist
Dec 04 2015 18:23
yeah, just the save part
kk, that's what I figured .. but wanted to make sure there wasn't some "oh yeah! Hosts ... those suck because blah blah"
Alex Krzos
Dec 04 2015 18:38
@blomquisg I don't have any data that would really allow me to answer that a 100% but I haven't personally witnessed that
if thats in regards to that one bz, I know the version of cfme was pretty old
and I don't have any benchmark data on it
Greg Blomquist
Dec 04 2015 18:40
kk, thanks @akrzos