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Jan 2016
Alex Krzos
Jan 18 2016 20:03
@gtanzillo Is it by design that Master appliances come with less than 2GiB available for /var/www/miq/vmdb/log?
Joe Rafaniello
Jan 18 2016 20:19
@akrzos I think that's just left over after carving up everything else
Alex Krzos
Jan 18 2016 20:22
@jrafanie I think it may have been overlooked since probably most master appliances are throw away
That and the postgres partition got the rest of the space in place of the logs
I suppose I can open a github issue to have it addressed? (If there isn't one opened yet?)
Gregg Tanzillo
Jan 18 2016 20:53
@akrzos Please open up a github issue for the lv_var partition size if there isn’t one already.
Joe Rafaniello
Jan 18 2016 22:47
@akrzos do you have an upstream appliance I can checkout the forking workers PR on to do some sanity tests?
I'd like to make sure I didn't break cap & u workers, refresh, etc. basic stuff
Dennis Metzger
Jan 18 2016 22:49
Grab the phone and a dog, and you get an auto gitter response
Joe Rafaniello
Jan 18 2016 22:50
@akrzos ManageIQ/manageiq#3593, I can help you set it up... you'll need to git remote add jrafanie, git fetch jrafanie, git checkout jrafanie/forking_workers, rake db:migrate and start it up
I"m heading out, good night
Alex Krzos
Jan 18 2016 23:26
@jrafanie I'll see if I can get an appliance running it tonight