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Jan 2016
Keenan Brock
Jan 25 2016 15:19
@akrzos is vcsim-xlarge running and able to come out and play?
Keenan Brock
Jan 25 2016 15:36
@akrzos - I tracked down the proper ip address - all set. thanks
Keenan Brock
Jan 25 2016 18:02
could you share bluejeans link too?
^ @akrzos
that shows the queries that people have written to query the statistics
@Fryguy @jrafanie have either of you gotten pg_statistics module installed on your macs?
Joe Rafaniello
Jan 25 2016 19:03
no, I don't recall trying though
Jason Frey
Jan 25 2016 19:09
I got pghero working (can't remember if locally or in appliance)
there was nothing to install though...just enabled a setting in postgresql.conf