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Feb 2016
Jason Frey
Feb 16 2016 00:34
@kbrock Just noticed this in an unrelated PR:
I think the new changes to perf_capture_timer introduced some spradic failure
probably using == vs match_array or something
Keenan Brock
Feb 16 2016 02:12
@Fryguy thanks
Alex Krzos
Feb 16 2016 18:56
has there been any other patches for the customer vm_infra/explorer issue?
Dennis Metzger
Feb 16 2016 18:58
@akrzos none yet
@akrzos have you seen the customer results? They include a number of other pages
Alex Krzos
Feb 16 2016 19:41
I have not seen those
@dmetzger57 ^
Keenan Brock
Feb 16 2016 19:48
Hey! some pesimist added a TO GO field (lol :) )
I don't get it. do we each have our own copy?
=100-(30/C4)*100 @ e4