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Feb 2016
Keenan Brock
Feb 22 2016 00:12
@matthewd I started using active record notifications to measure sql timings in rack-mini-profiler. But sam saffron is concerned about introducing overhead. Is this a valid and/or measurable concern?
Any suggestions on measurement woudl be great ==> MiniProfiler/rack-mini-profiler#211
Matthew Draper
Feb 22 2016 00:19
I can confirm that notification dispatch is normally worryingly high on profiles.. no idea how it scales on notifications defined vs listeners, though
Keenan Brock
Feb 22 2016 02:20
Keenan Brock
Feb 22 2016 19:30
@jrafanie I updated the table in ManageIQ/manageiq#6656 - hope you can read it better (have a before / after)