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Jun 2016
Keenan Brock
Jun 16 2016 14:06
when do we purge drift_states? @akrzos does this show up as a performance issue? the code is really bad. (I'm not concentrating on that. but wanted to verify we don't care right now)
Jason Frey
Jun 16 2016 14:14
that's a good question
I don't see it in the schedule worker like I'd expect
we definitely have a purger for it in app/models/drift_state/purging.rb , but I don't see it called from anywhere, unless I'm just missing it
Alex Krzos
Jun 16 2016 14:26
@kbrock idk, i haven't done any specific testing related to accumulating a bunch of drift_states (I'm not even sure if I am thinking of the same thing as you)
Keenan Brock
Jun 16 2016 14:59
@akrzos the code that purges them is notrotous. but I don't think we do that often
Jason Frey
Jun 16 2016 15:43
notrotous is my new favorite word
Joe Rafaniello
Jun 16 2016 15:44
It sounds like a scary dinosaur, I love it