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Jul 2016
Keenan Brock
Jul 14 2016 19:40
@Fryguy I'm kinda blocked on ManageIQ/manageiq#9717 - let me know if there are other changes you would like. waiting for rubocop to reflect fixes to cops
Jason Frey
Jul 14 2016 20:35
Merged @kbrock
Keenan Brock
Jul 14 2016 21:43
Thanks so much @Fryguy
Oleg Barenboim
Jul 14 2016 21:47
@kbrock are things performant yet?
Keenan Brock
Jul 14 2016 22:50
@chessbyte I want to get ManageIQ/manageiq#9611 into D, and then cap & u will be much more performant.
Stay tuned for future rbac PRs - hoping they will make a change right across the board