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Sep 2016
Keenan Brock
Sep 06 2016 12:59

So Crystal is a ruby like language.
The thought is to use crystal for native extensions over C.
less impedence mismatch.

Interesting to see a "native" ActiveSupport::Inflector.


I have wanted to add some more for other screens, but haven't gotten around to it
But services is pretty easy
Instructions in the README if you want to just use the gem
Keenan Brock
Sep 06 2016 15:46
thanks so much
@Fryguy thanks so much for merging ManageIQ/manageiq#10961
Keenan Brock
Sep 06 2016 15:52
@NickLaMuro / @dmetzger57 I'm going to split ManageIQ/manageiq#11003 into 2 prs and add screen shots
Jason Frey
Sep 06 2016 15:53
@kbrock It's great stuff @kbrock
Keenan Brock
Sep 06 2016 19:44

@Fryguy Is there a performance reason for staying with get_vmdb_config? I'm guessing it probably caches the hash a little better.

  def get_vmdb_config
    @vmdb_config ||="vmdb").config
# get_vmdb_config[:server][:value]

vs replacing all the callers (1) with:

for the tree builder stuff, there is only 1 caller, and it is read only - so would be an easy change for Settings - but unsure to the speed hit implications
Jason Frey
Sep 06 2016 20:04
No, we should be able to replace
Actually, Settings call should use less memory
I've been doing them case by case