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Sep 2016
Chris Arcand
Sep 29 2016 15:06
I wonder what parallel queries could do for us, and potentially the AR postgres adapter in general
Nick LaMuro
Sep 29 2016 15:25
The PR I am working on would benefit from concurrency, since I am fixing it by using nested SELECT statements to provide aggregate column data. Not fully sure on the implementation of parallel queries, but the each of the nested select statements should be able to run in parallel.
That said, nested SELECTS are probably inferior to using a join and sharing the column data, but #reasons™ for using nested SELECTs
Jason Frey
Sep 29 2016 16:53
parallel queries might help ems refresh a lot
assuming it means parallelizing queries that are completely unreleated
if it's talking about paralleizing subqueries or something then probably not as much
Daniel Berger
Sep 29 2016 16:58
did someone say parallel queries?
Chris Arcand
Sep 29 2016 17:01
:point_up: September 29, 2016 10:06 AM :smiley: