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Nov 2016
Keenan Brock
Nov 10 2016 01:42
Either that or nginx?
how does webpack work? do we put a nodejs server infront of rail?
Keenan Brock
Nov 10 2016 20:01

cool you can do multiple counts in a single tablescan:

SELECT COUNT(*) FILTER (WHERE Marks BETWEEN 40 AND 60) AS TotalGrade_C I didn't know about `FILTER

similar use case to:
select count(*)
group by CASE when Marks between 40 AND 60 then 'C' end
Jason Frey
Nov 10 2016 22:20
Yay, new repo!! Thanks for transferring, @NickLaMuro !
Dennis Metzger
Nov 10 2016 22:21
Thanks @NickLaMuro and @Fryguy
Nick LaMuro
Nov 10 2016 22:21
Now for the new repo name and org change fallout and updating all of the files...