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Nov 2016
avoiding inner queries for deletes saves us a lot

turns out the windowing functions is only 2x faster --

ms bytes objects queries query (ms) rows comments
19,377.2 33,471,380* 7,968,800 6,413 12,702.1 16,481 before
7,313.8 491,434 5,765 11 7,274.6 after

* Memory usage does not reflect 3,732,622 freed objects.

I think using a join or a "lateral join" may work better. although. deleting 106k records in 8 seconds may be good enough (especially for the 'remaining' aka bad case)
Keenan Brock
Nov 11 2016 15:30
cool - put the numbers into ManageIQ/manageiq#12560 - timing may only be 60% faster but bytes, objects, queries, and rows all showed up as 100% better