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Feb 2018
Daniel Berger
Feb 22 2018 01:31
@rvalente just looking at the tuning wiki, it recommends setting shared_buffers to 1/4 the system's memory
is there a way to dynamically set that?
oh, i'm guessing you set it to 3gb for 32-bit systems
Daniel Berger
Feb 22 2018 01:45
random_page_cost will depend on the storage type it seems
tuning guide recommends effective_cache_size at half of total memory
Daniel Berger
Feb 22 2018 01:51
not sure about default_statistics_target, seems to be pros (better plans) and cons (slower analyze completion, more memory and space)
but 100 doesn't seem unreasonable
Ron Valente
Feb 22 2018 02:55
Mobile fail. @djberg96 the 3GB was 1/4 of 12 GB which is the default shipping appliance for CloudForms 4.5/4.6
I’ll update my PR first thing in the AM.
Daniel Berger
Feb 22 2018 02:59
@rvalente i found an article that on a 32bit system it can't access more than 3gb anyway, so i thought you were just being conservative :)
Ron Valente
Feb 22 2018 11:13
I dropped the tuning down to assume only 8GB available for PostgreSQL to leave some space for MIQ. We only deploy the database operations role on our DB instance so its essentially dedicated in our environment.
Nick LaMuro
Feb 22 2018 21:43
NickLaMuro @NickLaMuro mumbles "frick'n workaholics..."
Keenan Brock
Feb 22 2018 22:48
sorry @NickLaMuro Guess you are going to say, no gitter either?