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Feb 2018
Julian Cheal
Feb 27 2018 15:29
Seeing as this is the performance room I thought I should post my 5k lunchtime run of 28:09 in here. Not quiet my PB but almost :)
Dennis Metzger
Feb 27 2018 15:30
Keenan Brock
Feb 27 2018 16:47
@NickLaMuro I wanting count_sql
So I can use inner queries to fetch count
(yes I'm inner query happy)
issue: current count code is on the relation, not the association
so you have to have the base object before you get the count.
AND even that wants to execute the count rather than return the sql
double wammy
but if we had that, we could remove a bunch of N+1 and delete most of virtual_total code
AND potentially the services association code as well
oh well. another day