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May 2018
Pradeep Kumar Surisetty
May 01 2018 03:58
@kbrock RH recommend to use deadline on VMs. i feel, we should change it.
Keenan Brock
May 01 2018 15:11
@dmetzger57 ^ think that is more down your expertise than me
Dennis Metzger
May 01 2018 17:49
I’m taking a look at this, we (CFME) didn’t change this, rather RHEL changed the default scheduler. Using “deadline” is better when you’re a physical host but can be detrimental as a guest. Setting up some test now.
Dennis Metzger
May 01 2018 17:57
and actually when I look at 5.8.3, it’s using “deadline” as is 5.9, which makes sense because it’s built on RHEL7. I’ll post my findings here when I complete “noop” and “deadline” test runs