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Sep 2018
Pradeep Kumar Surisetty
Sep 22 2018 03:28
@kbrock @Ladas Working on setup for customer demo. OSP refresh seem to be taking close to 20 mins
can you please help me with this.
Nick LaMuro
Sep 22 2018 03:38
@psuriset I can take a look
Pradeep Kumar Surisetty
Sep 22 2018 03:44
This is bit urgent. Thanks
Refresh is going on now. Let me know, if you need any other details
Nick LaMuro
Sep 22 2018 03:46
thanks, sounds good
Keenan Brock
Sep 22 2018 19:44
wow total squirrel but...
@NickLaMuro have you tested much with servless functions?
running it locally
using firebase
Performance analysis on this subject seems to suggest it is quick. and cost analysis suggests it is cheaper (but that is from people at a servless conference)
curious if anyone has setup a local kubernetes cluster w/ open wisk or any other servless infrastructure to kick the tires