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Feb 2019
Feb 13 07:59
Hi all, I have setup ManageIQ development environment and hosted it on my centos VM. When I tried to access the application for the first time, it is taking a long time to load the login page.
Can anyone tell, why ManageIQ takes long loading time and how can I improve the same?
Nick LaMuro
Feb 13 15:44

That is pretty much by design. We use autoloading to load in most of our application classes, so on the first page load for most pages, you are loading in what is needed and will have a bit of a performance hit.

There is really no way to fix that, besides re-architecting ManageIQ into micro services, but I don't think that is in the roadmap.

Joe Rafaniello
Feb 13 15:56
I'm sure you could eager load the whole application if you really wanted the first login to be fast but then it would take a long time for the UI to become available
(it's just moving where the wait time occurs)
and in development mode, rails reloads classes so it's still going to be slower than production mode