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Apr 2019
Daniel Berger
Apr 17 14:41
@lpichler any luck?
Libor Pichler
Apr 17 17:25
@djberg96 I think that performance issue in chargeback are about generating metric rollups and then we should look to chargeback itself - but now I removed "New chargeback" at least - it decreased length of run almost to half of time.ManageIQ/manageiq#18662
Daniel Berger
Apr 17 17:33
nice work!
Daniel Berger
Apr 17 17:43
@lpichler I'm not really a chargeback expert, so I don't know that I'm the best person to assign it to
can't remember who else works on it - Keenan? Drew?
wow, just looking at past PR's, i see your name on most of them :)