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Chris Olin
nevermind, I found the relevant settings option
Hi All. This is not really related to the desktop player, but I thought maybe someone here would have insight...
Has Google completely removed the ability to export a playlist to a text file? I was pretty sure I was able to do this once, but I cannot find any way to do it in the UI now. I just want a list of artists/songs.
Hello, everyone! I have a trouble getting response from gpmdp at ws://localhost:5672
When I send a post request with any body, postman says it couldn't get any response.
When I switch to a http:// the response is 426 upgrade required. What am I doing wrong? Screenshots below
is the .deb self updating?
my installed version is the latest version but i dont see ive installed it via snap.
i cant sign in
it shows me an error and thats it
yt music works just fine but not google music
Jesse Ostrander
@Quipex ws:// is a web socket, so you can't POST to it
@ma-git-me that was never an option as far as I'm aware
@z3ldie_twitter Unfortunately we don't have a workaround for the sign in problem right now.
@k1nghat The bintray repository is not working for the latest builds, so technically no. Normally it would be self updating however.
Thanks. I figured out how to do the export with some JS code I found on GitHub.
hi can anybody tell me where the npm run make:deb command puts the output file? It does run successfully via npm run, but I can't find the deb that I made :P

Good morning from Texas! I have 2 issues that I think may be already known, but wanted to verify.... (FYI I'm running Windows 10)

  1. I have GPMDP on my work machine and listen with Bluetooth headphones. Randomly, the music cuts out for 2-3 seconds, the "play" icon disappears from the task tray icon as if it stops, then it starts back where it was as if nothing happened.
  2. After listening for a little bit, I get a "Cannot be reached, please reload page" error and have to restart the app.

I was thinking these may have something to do with the unexplained bug in Win10 Notifications but I wasn't sure... Can anyone verify? If it's not, are these known issues?

Jesse Ostrander
That doesn't sound familiar @rileym94
Dante DeMeo
How do I access the youtube music player?
José Miguel Tajuelo Garrigós
I cant manage to show any lyrics, any ideas what could I be missing?
José Miguel Tajuelo Garrigós
Also, since I messed with the source (just running it, nothing crazy), the version I installed asks me to login every time
By any chance, is there a portable version of the GMDP for Windows?
anyone know where i can find the equalizer gmdp?
Edwin Clement
Hey, @MarshallOfSound, it seems that SSL Certificate of the website( has expired.
Rameez Virji
@MarshallOfSound hay Samuel, lot of people having issues being stuck at the "Loading
Music Library" screen
David Cunningham
@MarshallOfSound @rameezv Having the same issue. Windows 10, GPMDP v.4.6.1
David Cunningham
FWIW, switching to Youtube Music works
David Cunningham
In case anybody comes here looking for the same thing. Looks like a solution has been pushed: MarshallOfSound/Google-Play-Music-Desktop-Player-UNOFFICIAL-#3651 Not sure on how the deployment process works/when it will be available, but you can follow the instructions here to fix:
José Miguel Tajuelo Garrigós

Is marshall still mia? I still have this 2 problems:

When running the source code I cant manage to show any lyrics, any ideas what could I be missing?
Also, since I messed with the source (just running it, nothing crazy), the version I had previously installed asks me to login every time I run it

I'm working to do a few tests before I submit a pull request, though I'm having an issue setting up my build environment on my new computer. I used the powershell script on the dev FAQ to install and configure all dependencies, but I keep getting an error when I run npm install. It says it's failing on post-install script electron-rebuild --types=prod,optional. Any suggestions? I'm on Win 10 Pro. x64
Alipoodle M

I've also been having some difficulty with building it.
My previously build I have done ages ago was fine... (I'm talking like last 3 months), not Updated VS Build tools or VS 2017.
From that install I was getting a ton of C++ Errors of stuff not working...
so I decided to use the Win-Build-tools update, and see if that helped. (Also did 2015 cause some of the errors were stating it specifically was targeting VS2015.

After that I'm now getting a similar error to Kytech above:

Anyone have a workaround for the Google Secured login issue? Or is the app dead because of it? I can't login because I'm "signing in from an app or browser that doesn't allow us to keep your account secure".
I've tried the artifact build but still seem to be hitting the same problem.
And the opened issue on it doesn't seem to offer a solution
Jesse Ostrander
It's being worked on
@jostrander could you maybe react on MarshallOfSound/Google-Play-Music-Desktop-Player-UNOFFICIAL-#3660 ?
It seems that there are no working Mac binaries available anywhere, and the issue is "Closed" although people are still having this issue.
CC @ma-git-me
Brian D
Any idea when we'll get a new release with the fix for stuck on loading screen?
Hello everybody.
I have a problem with the snap application on Ubuntu 18.04.
Could anybody help me to find a fix?
@jottr I am trying to figure out why you copied me on that reply. Was that just a mistake?
hello everyone, i download the Google play music desktop player unofficial master and I have it open, but I don't know who to install it?
Could someone help me, I have window10 and I don't understand how to pull the file? I would really appreciate some help.
@whalefires Go here to download the installer:! Click the button to download the latest version, then select "Windows" and you should get the executable installer file. Run that file to install the player.
Unfortunately, there's a bug right now, so if the player gets stuck opening the music library, follow instructions here to fix it: MarshallOfSound/Google-Play-Music-Desktop-Player-UNOFFICIAL-#3640
magician ma-git-me (Gitter): Thank you!
I started having issues on linux mint... ver 4.6.1 stuck loading music library
Also stuck "Loading devices..." for audio device
Also stuck on "Loading Music Library..." on MacOS Catalina.