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oh nm
Jesse Ostrander
Hey @stanhopec @ClickSentinel @calum-ball Casting is implemented differently on every platform, but on windows it requires port 5353 to be open for GPMDP on your lan, in order for the mDNS resolver to find your cast devices and receive their responses. I believe you only need UDP opened
There was a installer feature I believe that tried to auto open that port, but not sure of its current status
As far as the spinning wheel where nothing works, you probably have some kind of error but the application isn't smart enough to fix it. Removing your install folder manually should fix it. @poorpaddy @stanhopec
Generally speaking on windows you can check %localappdata and %appdata% and remove the folder manually (which is c:\users\yourusername\appdata\Local\ and \Roaming) then GPMDP_3 and "Google Play Music Desktop Player" folders
Has anyone already requested the ability to store the current state (playlist and position in it) so it can be resumed after a PC restart? Is there some reason the app has to lose this info when it shuts down? I wasn't sure where else I could request this functionality, so I'm sorry if this is not the right forum.
Jesse Ostrander
I'm not sure that's entirely possible
That state isn't stored anywhere we have access to it. I think the URL does hold the location, so if the page was the playlist you were on then it would reload that on startup, but otherwise Google would need to implement that feature
Hmmm. My phone remembers where it was when I close the music app. I wonder if it is stored/identified with a cookie or something. I guess I'll see if I can find any info. Thanks for the explanation. @jostrander
Jesse Ostrander
I don't think Google does a good job of saving state to the server of where you are in the playlist, and the browser doesn't save much locally, unlike the mobile app
Rian Webster
Just a quick question about the app... am I able to add my music through the desktop app or will I need to use the web version?
How can I get the Youtube Music version?
Jesse Ostrander
@RianWebster You need to use the web app
@FNdolphin_twitter there is a switcher in the tray icon menu.
José Miguel Tajuelo Garrigós
Hey! Got a few suggestions regarding the lyrics feature, where should I submit them?
Lucas Gillingham
@J-888 Make your changes to the code and submit a pull request on github!
Hi! When I open the app, it stops at the "Loading Music Library" screen with the bar not filling up. Its been doing this for a few days. I am on the latest MacOS. Anyone got a fix?
Jacques van der Merwe
Hi, I couldn't find any documentation or in-app help about how to switch to the mini player. Is there a hotkey for switching between regular and mini?
Jacques van der Merwe
So I had to switch back to Google Music first, show mini player, then switch to Youtube player again and it stays a mini player. There seems to be no "Show mini player" button on the Youtube service yet
Chris Olin
Recently switched to Google Music from spotify, came across this project, and already found a minor issue I might be able to put in a PR for, but I'm hoping someone here might be able to help point me in the right direction.
anyone recognize that tooltip from Windows 10 and know what microsoft calls it? It doesn't display song info correctly with this program and that's what I'm trying to fix, but I can't find any dev documentation on it or what it's even called
Chris Olin
nevermind, I found the relevant settings option
Hi All. This is not really related to the desktop player, but I thought maybe someone here would have insight...
Has Google completely removed the ability to export a playlist to a text file? I was pretty sure I was able to do this once, but I cannot find any way to do it in the UI now. I just want a list of artists/songs.
Hello, everyone! I have a trouble getting response from gpmdp at ws://localhost:5672
When I send a post request with any body, postman says it couldn't get any response.
When I switch to a http:// the response is 426 upgrade required. What am I doing wrong? Screenshots below
is the .deb self updating?
my installed version is the latest version but i dont see ive installed it via snap.
i cant sign in
it shows me an error and thats it
yt music works just fine but not google music
Jesse Ostrander
@Quipex ws:// is a web socket, so you can't POST to it
@ma-git-me that was never an option as far as I'm aware
@z3ldie_twitter Unfortunately we don't have a workaround for the sign in problem right now.
@k1nghat The bintray repository is not working for the latest builds, so technically no. Normally it would be self updating however.
Thanks. I figured out how to do the export with some JS code I found on GitHub.
hi can anybody tell me where the npm run make:deb command puts the output file? It does run successfully via npm run, but I can't find the deb that I made :P

Good morning from Texas! I have 2 issues that I think may be already known, but wanted to verify.... (FYI I'm running Windows 10)

  1. I have GPMDP on my work machine and listen with Bluetooth headphones. Randomly, the music cuts out for 2-3 seconds, the "play" icon disappears from the task tray icon as if it stops, then it starts back where it was as if nothing happened.
  2. After listening for a little bit, I get a "Cannot be reached, please reload page" error and have to restart the app.

I was thinking these may have something to do with the unexplained bug in Win10 Notifications but I wasn't sure... Can anyone verify? If it's not, are these known issues?

Jesse Ostrander
That doesn't sound familiar @rileym94
Dante DeMeo
How do I access the youtube music player?
José Miguel Tajuelo Garrigós
I cant manage to show any lyrics, any ideas what could I be missing?
José Miguel Tajuelo Garrigós
Also, since I messed with the source (just running it, nothing crazy), the version I installed asks me to login every time
By any chance, is there a portable version of the GMDP for Windows?
anyone know where i can find the equalizer gmdp?
Edwin Clement
Hey, @MarshallOfSound, it seems that SSL Certificate of the website(https://www.googleplaymusicdesktopplayer.com/) has expired.
Rameez Virji
@MarshallOfSound hay Samuel, lot of people having issues being stuck at the "Loading
Music Library" screen