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Mar 2015
Marco Palladino
Mar 05 2015 06:31
@kr428 caching is not enabled at the moment out of the box, but you can provide your own HttpClient and HttpAsyncClient objects that can have caching enabled. I quickly googled this so not 100% sure, but it seems possible:
Mar 05 2015 07:54
@thefosk Thanks. :) I've already been playing with this approach earlier but failed - not sure, though, whether this was due to issues with the client or with the server implementation. I'll dive through it again and see where it gets me.
Michael Luo
Mar 05 2015 08:25
Hi all, I'm new to Android. I'm trying to write Java code to consume a REST api I built and came across Unirest. Before I was trying to make HTTP requests in an AsyncTask but now it seems that Unirest makes that obsolete and I can directly make a request from it correct?
Marco Palladino
Mar 05 2015 21:26
@michael-luo we honestly need to improve our Android support since some people complained about it. Can you please try to use it with and without the AsyncTask and let us know :) thx