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Nov 2015
Nov 18 2015 07:13
@hypexr concurrency setting? i am using unit 1.4.7 ..whats the method to do that? Unirest.setConcurrency(int maxTotal, int maxPerRoute); is not available. my test case was a single HTTP GET using Unirest, and one using a ClosableHttpCliient(httpclient)
Scott Rippee
Nov 18 2015 08:48
@VanitySoft I see. I also noticed that the performance was not great when comparing it to what I was getting from Play's WS lib that uses AsyncHttpClient. Because WS is no longer an option for me I'm switching to OkHttp, which is performing quite well for my use case.
Dilani Alwis
Nov 18 2015 11:22
Hey is there any place that I can get some help in using uni rest? I'm getting an annoying bug
Nov 18 2015 12:07
@hypexr ah ok, the original benchmark i wrote were a bit off , its about a second or less drop..not seconds