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Jan 2016
Jan 12 2016 19:18
@MasseGuillaume Sounds great! I sent you an email.
Valentin Kasas
Jan 12 2016 20:50
Hello there
I'm willing to build a tool for scala training
I want it completely web-based -- turns out people fail to install sw I ask before training session, every single time --
Valentin Kasas
Jan 12 2016 20:55
I need to mix slides and "hands-on" exercises (which represent the most important part, volume-wise)
So I'm wondering if I could "easily" reuse/embed ScalaKata2 for that purpose
Valentin Kasas
Jan 12 2016 21:03
I'm not in a hurry, and am willing to spend a fair amount of free time on that project, so the term "easily" in the previous sentence can be quite liberally interpreted
Guillaume Massé
Jan 12 2016 21:38
interesting use case
this might save your problem right now:
Valentin Kasas
Jan 12 2016 22:21
hmm, I'm not sure about that
let me give you a bit more background
(it's in French, but I'm pretty sure you'll get the point)
which is based on scala-test
we've introduced a thing named __ that learners have to replace with the correct answer, and we use ??? as a placeholder where they need to implement functions/methods/etc ...
so I don't think a REPL-based solution would do the trick here
Valentin Kasas
Jan 12 2016 22:35
My first intuition was to have some codemirror based SPA to display/edit the code in each student's browser, send that code to a server that would use SBT to compile it and run the tests, send back the results to the SPA, rinse, and repeat