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Repo info
Nate Finch
Anyone else using glide with private repos? It looks like it's running multiple goroutines or something, because when it gets to the private repos, it prints out two, and then asks for credentials for each of them twice, thusly:
[INFO] --> Fetching github.com/Sproutling/errors
[INFO] --> Fetching github.com/Sproutling/common-go
Username for 'https://github.com': Username for 'https://github.com':
(where the Sproutling repos are private)
Ole Bulbuk
You can use SSH keys for private repos, too.
Alexander Daw
@sdboyer hey quick question for ya, is there a force command for glide that reimports things from the vendor directory (like if I changed them locally? )
or @mattfarina ;)
ideally it would reset the git repo to its currently referenced version.
to get it to function now I would just rm -rf the dir and install. but that will trigger a whole bunch of work for possibily a single dirty repo, or I could remove the individual vendor package thats been modified and glide install, but if I have a few changed vendors it would be cool to have things automated.
sam boyer
@AlexanderDaw "changed them locally," like, you changed them on GOPATH and you want the vendor dir to reflect that? or that you're changing things in vendor/, and you want that re-exported back out somewhere else?
Alexander Daw
I changed them in vendor to debug...
now I want the package from vendor reset.
cause I'm done hacking on it. Right now on glide up it will skip the vendor package because its been modified locally
so essentially just a reset for everything in vendor to match glide.yaml, but done in a way that only spends time repulling those packages which were changed.
[ERROR] Update failed for github.com/go-kit/kit: github.com/go-kit/kit contains uncommited changes. Skipping update
[ERROR] Update failed for github.com/aws/aws-sdk-go: github.com/aws/aws-sdk-go contains uncommited changes. Skipping update
for example
glide reset would be cool
As a new go user one of the coolest things about vendoring is that I can just instantly drill into an external package and start messing with it to see how it works.
sam boyer
what version of glide?
this seems like pre-12.0 behavior
Alexander Daw
sam boyer
Alexander Daw
yeah 0.9.3
sam boyer
oh man
because as of 12.0, vendor doesn't even contain .git dirs anymore
and all you'd need to roll it back is glide install
Alexander Daw
sorry man
AlexanderDaw @AlexanderDaw goes to RTFM

glide up failed!

[INFO] --> Fetching myapp/config
[WARN] Unable to checkout myapp/config
[ERROR] Error looking for myapp/config: Cannot detect VCS

myapp/config is my local package, is not specified in glide.yaml.
Bruno Bigras
Do you guys put the vendor directory in source control or only the lock file?
lock file and the vendor/my-tls (Instead of crypto/TLS)
Nate Finch
I'm having a real hard time with glide... maybe I'm holding it wrong... but I updated a dependency in github, and now I need to update the repo that depends on it.... is glide up <target_import> the correct command? It seems to ignore the target and try to update everyhing, but then doesn't actually update the dependency I just modified in githib.
Nate Finch
nvm, seems like the target import thing is broken and there's some bug with the cache.. clearing cache and then just doing glide up worked (though I had to remove extraneously updated deps)
Andrew Kutz
Hi guys, my builds are all broken this morning...
[0]akutz@red:libstorage$ make deps
  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current
                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed
100   608    0   608    0     0   1385      0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:--  1384
100 3690k  100 3690k    0     0  1390k      0  0:00:02  0:00:02 --:--:-- 2527k
/home/akutz/go/bin/glide up && touch glide.lock && touch glide.lock.d
[INFO]    Downloading dependencies. Please wait...
[INFO]    --> Fetching updates for github.com/spf13/viper.
[INFO]    --> Fetching updates for github.com/Sirupsen/logrus.
[INFO]    --> Fetching updates for github.com/akutz/gofig.
[INFO]    --> Fetching updates for github.com/akutz/gotil.
[INFO]    --> Fetching updates for github.com/pelletier/go-buffruneio.
[INFO]    --> Fetching updates for golang.org/x/text.
[WARN]    Error updating golang.org/x/text/transform: The Remote does not match the VCS endpoint
[WARN]    Unable to set version on golang.org/x/text to . Err: The Remote does not match the VCS endpoint
[INFO]    --> Fetching updates for github.com/googleapis/gax-go.
[INFO]    --> Fetching updates for google.golang.org/grpc.
[INFO]    Downloading dependencies. Please wait...
[INFO]    --> Fetching updates for github.com/cesanta/ucl.
[INFO]    --> Fetching updates for github.com/gorilla/context.
[INFO]    --> Fetching updates for github.com/gorilla/mux.
[INFO]    --> Fetching updates for gopkg.in/yaml.v1.
[INFO]    Setting references for remaining imports
[ERROR]    Failed to set version on golang.org/x/crypto to : The Remote does not match the VCS endpoint
[ERROR]    Failed to set version on golang.org/x/text to : The Remote does not match the VCS endpoint
[INFO]    Project relies on 53 dependencies.
An Error has occurred
make: *** [Makefile:505: glide.lock] Error 2
On Travis as well.
Nothing has changed in the build file, so ... network? Something up with golang.org? Can anyone corroborate?
Maxim Radko
hi guys, I have link to this chat from dep,
does it mean that I should use dep with glide?
Bradley Falzon
hey, just trying to understand whether my workflow is wrong, I have a small project with only a few dependencies, so i've decided to commit those. When I add another dependency, via glide get, all of my dependencies are updated, is this the expected behaviour, ideally to me, just the one dependency would be added to keep the commit as a single "add x dependency", whereas now it's "update dependencies and add x"
i've had similar issues with updating just a single dependency too, trolling the tickets, I thought this was possible (Masterminds/glide#92) but they all seem to update regardless as to whether they really needed to (didn't depend on each other).
Steven E. Harris

@bradleyfalzon, even though Glide advertises the interface to update just one dependency, I've never been able to figure out how get it to only touch that one. I understand that it needs to reconsider whether all the preceding constraints can be solved when taking the new dependency into account, but even when the other dependencies seem to be disjoint from the new one, Glide still updates them anyway.

I expect @sdboyer can explain why.

Bradley Falzon
that's my experience too
sam boyer
iirc, it's mostly just a byproduct of how the version selection algorithm works
it's been a while since i've looked
i think it's basically just that version selection isn't designed to take a lock input at all - it just tries based on the constraints in the manifest
Bradley Falzon
@sdboyer would this also occur in dep then too ?
sam boyer
@bradleyfalzon nope. the version selection algorithm in glide is exactly what gps was intended to replace