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Repo info
Gergely Brautigam
so... I'm out of ideas here.
ah --debug
Well, that didn't help
and my vendor folder is empty
Gergely Brautigam
No cigar.
Gergely Brautigam
still does not work
Gergely Brautigam
Ok, I'll create an issue than I guess.
Gergely Brautigam
Hey, I saw this commit Masterminds/glide@34c82d7
I'm going to use that, since that adds some much needed debugging to identify my problem as well.
Felipe Umpierre
Hello, I am having a issue related with this reported bug Masterminds/glide#640 and I would like to know if someone also have or had this issue?
Bharat Khatri
hey folks, running glide tree on my project shows a few dependencies which show glide get <dependency. Why does glide up not fetch these nested dependencies automatically?
|-- github.com/khatribharat/goapp-brock   (/home/khatri/Code/go/src/github.com/glide/vendor/github.com/khatribharat/goapp-brock)
    github.com/casbin/casbin    (glide get github.com/casbin/casbin)
Why is casbin not installed automatically?
Almog Baku
how do i update my glide.yaml file???
Almog Baku
no way to save the glide up --all-dependencies?
Almog Baku
hello guys, does anybody know if glide generates the license info about dependencies?

I'm trying to use mirrors to point to a local repo and I'm not having any luck getting it to work.
My repo (as defined in my glide.yaml) is

- package: github.com/someCompany/someThingCool
  version: 2.87.4

My local repro is located at $GOPATH/src/github.com/someCompany/someThingCool
So to use mirror I've be running glide mirror set github.com/someCompany/someThingCool file:///src/github.com/someCompany/someThingCool
After setting the mirror, I rm -r vendor from my repo with the glide.yaml and run glide install. However, after that the copy of my mirrored repro under vendor is not my local copy. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?

I have the same issue as @bfautomated_twitter. Is this gitter active at all?
Erik Nelson
I'm consistently getting this error while trying to glide get a bunch of different k8s packages. Can anyone advise?
Could not find /home/ernelson/.glide/cache/src/https-golang.org-x-sys/unix: cannot find package "."
Hello, just trying out glide at work and have run into an issue, glide update asks for my user/pass in github (we have private repos) but fails to handle github 2fa
Kevin Pierce
@pomke A couple things may help. Are you using https:// or git:? Do you have git working on the command line for pulling and pushing?
and yep, git is working locally
Kevin Pierce
I use this little gem in my ~/.gitconfig
[url "git@github.com:"]
    insteadOf = https://github.com/
I'm not sure how glide would know if I'm using https or git: though if it's just inspecting my imports?
ah ok
I'll give that a go, thanks :D
Kevin Pierce
At the lowest level it should use your host key auth from ssh even though you are using https:// imports as sources.
That worked! thanks Kevin, I'll add that to our wiki I think, we're (mostly me) trialing go for a few new services at work (mostly node.js atm)
So I'm trying to document setup etc.. for future gophers, that's a handy tip
Kevin Pierce
Great! You can add more to those prefixes if you only want it to affect a specific account or project.
Pavel Lavreshin

Hi guys, could you please advice whether I am doing something wrong when trying to resolve github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum subpackages like ethclient with glide ?
The issue that I encounter is

[ERROR]    Error scanning github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/ethclient: cannot find package "."

My imports are defined like this:


Although my glide.yaml has this subpackage defined

- package: github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum
  version: ^2.0.0
  - ethclient

but still fails to resolve

Kevin Luty
Any glide users on Windows?
Kevin Luty
glide binary is in my PATH, running glide install does nothing
glide init prints nothing
Jemma Hooper
Hi folks... looking to get some information on how to set up glide in a windows environment. It's a dependency for a third-party Beat project (go program) I'm looking to compile for use in an ELK stack setup. Specifically... where should the binaries in the windows zip file be installed to?
Is it %GOPATH%\src\vendor\github.com\masterminds? Or %GOPATH%\src\vendor\github.com\masterminds\glide?
The install doco for Windows is either light on or well hidden. Sorry to be such a noob.
Haris Amin
getting a weird error when i try to install glide in a docker image
docker run --rm -it golang:1.8 curl https://glide.sh/get | sh
: command not found
: command not foundsh: line 5:
: command not foundsh: line 8:
: command not foundsh: line 10:
: command not foundsh: line 13:
: command not foundsh: line 15:
'                  sh: line 16: syntax error near unexpected token `{
'sh: line 16: `fail() {
i've been using glide for a long time, first time i'm seeing this...i checked the latest install shell script and i don't see any syntax errors, nor do i see that it was changed within the last few days or weeks
Wenzhi Liang
hello, I have a glide.yaml, and it generates a glide.lock file, all fine. after a while, I changed one version in glide.yaml and did glide up and it changed all other dependencies -- I did google and saw that this was asked a lot and i sorta understand why it behaves the way it does. BUT, at this moment, glide.yaml doesn't match glide.lock anymore. So I'm confused what the designed use case is?
Wenzhi Liang
What is the point of glide.yaml in this case?
Can someone help me to configure glide in windows machine
As am struggling like anything from couple of weeks
hello! How glide detects, if a git repository has a semver? tags doesn't work
Jann Anthony Briza
why does every time I install go get github.com/Masterminds/glide
I am having this error go install github.com/Masterminds/glide: open /usr/local/go/bin/glide: permission denied