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Isaac Moldofsky
@thequbit models.py line 287: parascope = ReqColumn(UnicodeText)
Too petty for a PR but I feel like it might cause problems later.
Melody Kramer

I am a sample of one, but I wanted to let you know what public media
membership looks like to me, a 57-year-old woman living in the NYC
area, who has been a subscriber to WNYC for a few years. I'm also
someone who loves going to Hacks and Hackers, helped start Code for
America Brigade in Hoboken, and is a writer who's been involved in
some form of digital connection for two decades. And I'm a big fat
theater nerd.

Public media membership isn't fun.

And I love my local station. And I love lots of things about the
public radio I listen to.

But the last encounter I had with my station as a subscriber was,
sadly, to complain about a show that I thought had gone over the line
(it was a piece On the Media had done on the Rolling Stone/UVA
fallout. And yes, I emailed them about it and got crickets).

And yes, I reduced my monthly membership after, in part because of my
unhappiness over what I thought was irresponsible journalism
Particularly painful because before on-demand? This was a show I got
up at 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning to listen to.

And in part because I am throwing my money at individual podcasts
these days. And because I am trying to support more diverse media. And
NPR still isn't all that diverse. WNYC, much better.

That's another drain on the idea of membership.

But as you've been writing (so well, so intensely) about other ways
public radio members might contribute, I need to tell you, I think
part of what's missing...is fun. Not very quantifiable, I know. And
notice I don't use the word "delight," that odd Silicon Valley term.
Being a public media member doesn't feel fun. It feels like a

What has been fun lately:

Listening to Welcome to Night Vale (where I've donated, where I've
gone out of my way to see the creators in the flesh--you should have
seen the rabid fans at Bookcon).

Watching Black Girl Nerds on Periscope at Comic Con
Watching Black Girl Nerds live tweet tv shows and conduct a weekly
Shakespeare discussion..via Twitter

(I'm white, and I would definitely contribute to keep BGN going.)

Following actor playwright phenom Lin-Manuel Miranda on Twitter, where
he tells us about HAMILTON, a little show that could, that started at
a theater where I'm a member. I feel invested in the show's success,
and I feel proud of the institution that was its first home, and yes,
if they suggested another tier of participatory membership, I would
jump. Because I've already had fun, feeling plugged into a living,
growing entity.

So...however you do this, please make it fun.

I hope this makes some sense.

Gabe Isman
@ismcodes No PR too small! A small PR just means its really easy to review + merge.
Melody Kramer
I just chatted with someone who said "There are going to be two public medias. The one that exists now and the one you're currently building."
He basically said that if we do this right, we are going to build what public media is in the digital space.
Gabe Isman
Melody Kramer
I have a question, and I want us all to think about it as we work on this project because I think answering this well means success, in some ways. This is the best Fresh Air episode that has ever aired: http://www.npr.org/2011/12/29/144077273/maurice-sendak-on-life-death-and-childrens-lit - we received more listener mail than we ever had before, and people said they pulled over in their cars to the side of the road to cry.
It's from 2011. How do we surface that? How does someone today find that?
That's my question.
Gabe Isman
curated playlists seems like a good place to start!
Melody Kramer
^ @ismcodes
Isaac Moldofsky
@GabeIsman I'll make a separate PR later then, when there is one central repo
Melody Kramer
@ismcodes just putting this in your head: 1. Mobile 2. Terribly designed websites with no functional RSS feeds. (Bookmarklet?) 3. Sharing.
Timothy Duffy
Yea, I'll create the folder structure and commit the pyramid app to our new repo this evening
Timothy Duffy
@GabeIsman accept the invite to /mediapublic on github by going here:
then we can transition over to our ( hopefully ) final destination of mediapublic on gitter!
Gabe Isman
@thequbit done!
Ben Novack
@melodykramer told me to come here so I'm here. Twitter is like a really cheap batsignal that way.
Melody Kramer
oops @bennovack wrong one.
we switched. hang on.
Gabe Isman
@melodykramer Can we delete this user/repo? I made a pull request against it last night :)
Timothy Duffy
Yea, now that we're all live here, we'll need to get rid of this asap.