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Mar 2016
Thomas Hoppe
Mar 24 2016 14:36

Hi, this new project highly related to what you are dealing with here:

This is to inform you that we just released a stable 0.1.0 series of the VCL [1], [5] on NPM.

The VCL is a general purpose CSS "un-framework".
"Un" because it's modular and extensible unlike the well-known monoliths.
It can "Bootstrap" your next project in being used for a static Web site
or take care of your CSS chores for Web Component you create in your favorite MV* framework.
Well the latter one probably only if you do not think that inline CSS are the future [2].
We are already working on an corresponding range of
Web Components for Ember.js [3] which leverage the VCL (in stable beta state currently).

Please check those slides [4] for an introduction and more info.
And see here a generated documentation [5] from all
core modules with the default theme.

From a tech perspective, it is a opinionated CSS pre-processor based on the very powerful rework [6]
family of CSS processing tools and uses NPM as package management infrastructure also
for the CSS itself making it maybe the first fully modular CSS framework.

Greets, Thomas