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Repo info

    Can navigate around the UI now. I'm seeing this in the server output:
    [09/May/2020 16:10:07] "GET /static/js/index.js HTTP/1.1" 404 1657

    And I do not see any index.js file in the project.

    Dear all,
    We can install the Django-CRM test on mac OS ?
    Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 8.32.42 AM.png
    Who the people know what the problem?
    I try to setup on mac pro but can run ti
    please help me.
    Girish Pauriyal
    Hi Guys, i have installed into my local however can see homeView
    i suspect this is coz of this(missing index.js)
    [17/Jun/2020 22:43:21] "GET /static/js/index.js HTTP/1.1" 404 1657
    createsuperuser won't save- looking for company id.
    also getting suspiciousfileoperation when logging in
    Eivind Teig
    is the demo : https://django-crm.micropyramid.com/login/
    down or is it just me?
    Hello - any help would be appreciated with this error
    PS C:\Django-CRM> cp crm/local_settings.example crm/local_settings.py
    cp : Cannot find path 'C:\Django-CRM\crm\local_settings.example' because it does not exist.
    At line:1 char:1
    • cp crm/local_settings.example crm/local_settings.py
    trying to setup locally and run for the first time
    Have got the requirements.txt installed
    am try to copy local_settings as per the instructions but get this error
    İshak DÖLEK
    could you try this command cmd: cp crm/_local_settings.py crm/local_settings.py ?
    Any one can help me on this error:
    FilterError at /
    'sass' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.
    actually i installed django crm and made DEBUG=True becz of getting 500 error page while running python manage.py runserver
    Hello All, is there a good tuttorial to follow on how to install MicroPyramid in developer environment ?
    Ashwin Kumar
    Hi All I updated readme.md and tested on fresh linux system. try it and let me know if you find any difficulties in setting up the project in your local ubuntu machine.
    Atakan Erdoğdu
    Hi. While migrating the project, although we enter a secret key, we get a warning that a secret key has not been entered. How can we solve this?
    we set the secret key in env.md to SECRETKEY="abcdefgh"
    django.core.exceptions.ImproperlyConfigured: The SECRET_KEY setting must not be empty.
    Shreeda Bhat
    Yea, same problem, while I do docker-compose up
    Ashwin Kumar
    check the latest changes and you can create SECRET_KEY and add it to .env file as mentioned in the readme.md
    npm install -g sass solved the problem for sass i'm using windows 8.1 wampserver
    Eivind Teig

    @ashwin31 There are difficulties in setting up the project on a local ubuntu machine. The documentation for setting it up is mainly lacking, the commands shown are not the ones you need to run to get it working and there is no explanation of what how to set up the seemingly unknown requirements.

    Example: the SECRET_KEY is not even mentioned in the readme.md, but even setting that as its a common django environment variable still does not give much clue what more needs to be done. What database should be used? how do you setup redis? do you need to create a superuser before you do the migration? All this information is lacking from the documentation.

    So my suggestion is that the steps needed to setup this on a fresh ubuntu machine should be documented. I will probably manage to figure it out by the time the documentation is updated, but for any other wanting to use or contribute to this project, the bar of entry does seem a bit convoluted.

    HaMiD Fadaei
    i am new to django-crm
    after install how to run project on my local server with power shell?
    HaMiD Fadaei

    i am new to django-crm
    after install how to run project on my local server with power shell?

    Also in my project folders 'manage.py' doesn't exist

    hello from China
    couple of questions if I may
    env variables
    Then refer to env.md for environment variables and keep those in the .env file in the current folder as your project is in.
    I want to set the environment variable but the .env file of the current project cannot be found. How can I set environment variables. thank
    Fabio Renda
    Hello : anyone know how to run from docker step by step ? :)
    thanks in advance
    Juergen Jean-Marie
    Do I need Ubuntu to run this project source code?
    dawit getachew
    Hello Guys, i was working on similar project and i am interested in participating on your project. i am new to Django projects i need more experience on real projects.
    Francisco Colina
    Hello guys, I'm having some issues installing the files in windows, does anyone knows how to make it work
    Edson Canganjo
    Hi everyone, I hope all good here.
    This project is still available? I can see many errors checking on website https://bottlecrm.com/
    Rana Zain
    Hi Everyone
    Can anybody help me ?
    Ashwin Kumar
    Aiming to release MVP by end of this month. So, there are many things we are breaking and fixing :)
    Wish to release detailed documentation and a setup video too after that.
    Ali Hussnain
    Hi everyone
    i have installed CRM But could not get response from server side
    Can someone from the team help me to setup in local machine
    tried your instructions in ReadMe file but cannot run on local machine