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Jul 2015
Sam Harwell
Jul 01 2015 21:24
@SergeyTeplyakov Whenever we get around to merging #66, it's important to me personally that it not get squashed like happened with several other merges
It's my only work in the gray square 4 days ago; I'm hoping it eventually fills in the gap in my GitHub streak :wink:
Also note that we lost the contributor history for #36 (by @billings7) and #60 (by @hubuk). We'll definitely want to avoid that in the future.
Sergey Teplyakov
Jul 01 2015 23:30

The problem with #36 and #60 was a lots of conflicting issues with each other. That's why I did it wrong. I'll try to avoid this in the future. I actually asked to rebased those PR's waited for a couple of days. I thought I'm done with with all VS2015 support that's why I was a bit in a rush.

The problem with those PR's (aside that they was stale) that they only partially solve some problem. This means that merging only one of them led repo to intermediate and not workable state :(

any way I'll try my best to avoid such stuff in the future.