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Jul 2015
Jul 12 2015 09:52
I tried to run the tests, and many of them fail, but seem to be correct, while others succeed but seem to be wrong (e.g. in Analyze1FromSourcesV40Cache things like ---Actual outcomes---
Outcome=ProofOutcome.False,Message="Cannot connect to the cache. The CodeContracts static check will not run",PrimaryILOffset=5,MethodILOffset=0
---Expected outcomes---

No entry found in the cache

Jul 12 2015 10:02
Some of the regression tests seem to be fine, but all the PrimaryILOffset have shifted, so they are considered failed. Does this depend on the compiler?
Did anyone have look at the tests? Do they succeed on the build machine?
Jul 12 2015 23:53
With the latest preview release, everything builds, but none of the messages or warnings are making it into the errors window in VS2015. Is anyone else seeing this or is it just me?