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Dec 2015
Micah Zoltu
Dec 30 2015 02:53 UTC
Commits were made as recently as 11 days ago. I imagine it is just the holidays that is resulting in not much action:
Dec 30 2015 08:40 UTC
@Zoltu: Last commit was in November 20, not December 20.
Herman Eldering
Dec 30 2015 10:51 UTC
What would be required to get the error messages working again in vs2015? And is there any chance of having pull requests accepted? There already seems to be a backlog in the merging of pull requests.
Aleksandr Vishnyakov
Dec 30 2015 13:04 UTC
@SergeyTeplyakov is busy, but developments isn't stopped. So if you can help project by creating pull request - do it.