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Jan 2016
Herman Eldering
Jan 06 2016 15:35
@yaakov-h Thanks. I'm trying to build master but I've run into two problems: 1) ccrewrite fails for many projects reporting invalid character in the path (I think this is already fixed in the code, but not in release binary?) I've tried turning off the ccrewrite but then 2) when I try to run clousot.exe (I assume this is cccheck.exe) I get a NullReferenceException in Microsoft.Contracts.Foxtrot.ExtractorVisitor..ctor (line 88).
Sergey Teplyakov
Jan 06 2016 17:20
@HermanEldering Are you building with VS2013 or with VS2015?
@HermanEldering Just to be clear, the only supported version so far is VS2013...
Herman Eldering
Jan 06 2016 22:51
Thanks @SergeyTeplyakov , switching to VS2013 did the trick.