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Jan 2016
Jan 28 2016 02:23
I have a reproducible but not repro-case-able crash in ccrewrite if I remove a Contract.Assumes call. @SergeyTeplyakov is there a way I can get a crash dump for analysis?
Jan 28 2016 04:49
hmm, modifying some more contracts in the assembly fixed the crash. That's worrying.
Onur Gumus
Jan 28 2016 07:48
have you seen this analysis:
it shows many bugs in code contracts source code.
Aleksandr Vishnyakov
Jan 28 2016 11:45
@ReverseBlade Microsoft/CodeContracts#322
Sergey Teplyakov
Jan 28 2016 22:53
@yaakov-h Not sure about crash dumps... If you would have repo it would be easier any way..