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Mar 2016
Mar 30 2016 08:42
@SergeyTeplyakov What's happening? This project going dead as a doornail for extended periods doesn't exactly install confidence in consumers...
Jeroen Mostert
Mar 30 2016 09:51
It is rather annoying that MS seems neither willing to dedicate resources to it, nor make a firm statement on what kind of resources it wants to dedicate. Making it open source won't help either if there's no resources for merges. Do MS teams even use CC themselves? If so, what do they think about it?
Veikko Eeva
Mar 30 2016 14:38

Mm, maybe it is only fair to point out that in many sources, e.g. at

I had a look and notice most of the Code Contracts are commented out. Will this be fixed at some point?
No, we currently don't have plans to bring in code contracts.

Use Debug.Assert() to assert a condition in the code. Do not use Code Contracts (e.g. Contract.Assert).

I remember reading on some research papers as to why pre- and post-conditions are somewhat a problematic thing in production code. Basically, I think, verifying is problematic. For that maybe a promising direction is dependent types and considering especially Microsoft perhaps F*.