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Repo info

    I'm trying to embed the power-bi report into cordova app as explained here.
    here is my code:

    var embedConfiguration = { type: 'report', accessToken: '// access token', id: '// report id', embedUrl: 'https://embedded.powerbi.com/appTokenReportEmbed' }; var reportContainer = document.getElementById('reportContainer'); var report = powerbi.embed(reportContainer , embedConfiguration); powerbi.get(reportContainer);

    But I'm getting the following errors for some phones:
    Uncaught DOMException: Blocked a frame with origin "https://embedded.powerbi.com" from accessing a cross-origin frame.(…)
    The error doesn't depends on android version also, two phones which has android 5.1.1 - for one of the phone, power bi report works fine but for another phone getting this error.
    iframe is being loaded for all phones but the content of that iframe document is different if I get this error(In this case, it just shows the power-bi loader).
    I tried putting <access origin="*" /> in config.xml but no luck!

    Emiliano Parizzi
    Nobody is here right? The examples in the Wiki simply don't work in TypeScript. Please update the documention.
    Hello everybody
    I am stuck in an understanding issue.
    I hope someone can clearify me about it.
    I have setup my workspace collection
    and also workspace
    I have been assigned AccessKeys as well.
    I have successfully retrieved my report in the sample
    I am stuck at applying filter to my report.
    Can anyone tell me how to do that?
    I found there is some $filter={tablename/columnname} {value} format to do that
    but this doesn't work.
    Anyone up here?
    Hello Everybody.
    Anyone whos online here
    Stewart Rand
    Can anyone here help me understand why I get a message in typescript about it not being able to find the type definition for powerbi-client?
    Aliaksei Kuncevič
    just continue getting a list of warnings coming from powerbi
    quick question.. Does any of this API apply to Power BI Report server? I would like to use some of the filtering capabilities thru javascript API. it's not clear this will work outside of power bi embedded ... Thanks
    Hi guys!
    Little question: does the Power BI report server allow to specify the page report in the url? to open one embed mode directly to the good page
    Are there plans to bring the export as PDF feature to power BI embed?
    Arnar Hardarson
    Hey I'm having issues with the preload of reports in powerbi.js. The preload result from the preload does not have an "on" function.
    Also there does not seem to exist any example to showcase the feature
    @B14m3m3 Just hit exactly that problem ... element returned by preload is the iframe object, not a report.
    just found this: will see if it helps https://community.powerbi.com/t5/Developer/Phased-Embedding-API-with-Preload-error/td-p/551629
    @freefire8 Yes - just done this (as I strugg;le withtht APIs)
    In my JS add --> "&reportSection=" + pages[index].name
    This is in the promise getPages in which I'm looping through the pages; what I've seen is that the names of the pages are sometihng like "ReportSection" (for the first( and subsequently "ReportSection<number> " for others.
    I create button links to these pages and it works fine
    @lhigueros I've managed to save and reapply "slicer" information as well as change filters. look at report.setFilters (good examples in the JS example)
    Shaun Pearson
    If anyone from MS is here, is this project being abandoned as an OS project both #346 and #350 have been open for a long time with little to no interaction from people working on the project and the issues have been disabled?
    Andrew Clancy


    I've created this custom visual wrapper of ag-grid ('the best javascript grid in the world' apparently), as first foray/investivation into custom visual development


    It's pretty bare-bones currently, only using the table data mapping - which doesnt allow the dashboard developer to control the powerful row grouping & pivoting that ag-grid provides. I had a crack at using the matrix data mapping, however it is clearly built without open community custom visual devs in mind, eg with lack of documentation and posts like this:


    Can anyone suggest a decent resource to quickly understand the matrix mapping, so I can map it into something simple & useful for ag-grid to consume (in the form of ag-grid ColumnDefs)? Or another open-source example of a matrix data mapping custom viz with some example javascript manipulation of the matrix dataview?

    If you add the grid (published into the dist folder in gitlab) then you should see a columns sidebar in the grid itself, which should allow you to play with the grid pivot, or just go to https://www.ag-grid.com/example.php

    (I also cant seem to log in to https://community.powerbi.com, have an infinite redirect between it and https://login.microsoftonline.com - have tried every browser, osx & windows - cleared all cookies on both, turned off any adblocks & do not track - any ideas?)
    Kelly Hilliard
    I was wondering....will there be an update to powerbi-client that will set SameSite for the cookies it uses? Chrome will soon require this to be set...
    8 replies
    I have an issue with running unit tests when we have power-bi client setup in our angular application, we are using jest as a test engine, does anyone have any ideas about this issue?
    Hi, guys. I have problems with how I can add reports via the report Server to my site.I would appreciate any information. Thanks.
    Jeremy Folds
    Has anyone used the javascript API to work with paginated reports? It appears that the events do not behave the same and I'm curious what the plan was for future support with the javascript API and paginated reports.

    Hello everyone, has anyone had any luck with getting report / page-level filters for their custom visuals made with TypeScript? I have read through the docs & am not seeing any of the functions in my powerbi-client object reference... For example,

    import * as pbi from 'powerbi-client';

    var report = pbi.Report;
    var filters = report.getFilters(); //report does not have a function getFilters()

    Any ideas?

    2 replies
    Aswin V
    Have anyone tried to call addPage as documented at https://github.com/microsoft/PowerBI-JavaScript/wiki/Page-Operations, it looks like the function is not implemented with the lib...
    Danish Naglekar
    Has anyone used visual.exportData function in PowerBi embed using TypeScript? I am no respose in the promise
    2 replies

    After installing the powerbi-javascript library, I'm getting an error:
    ERROR in ../node_modules/powerbi-client/dist/powerbi-client.d.ts(125,13): error TS2717: Subsequent property declarations must have the same type. Property 'webkitExitFullscreen' must be of type '() => void', but here has type 'any'.

    After checking the file, I see the line:
    webkitExitFullscreen: void;

    If I change this line to:
    webkitExitFullscreen: {
    (): void;

    then the error is gone. However I don't want to manually change the file. I want to use the library as it is (in the original format). Any suggestions?