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Repo info
    I am running into the same issue as @gregbown .

    tsconfig.json appears to be set correctly. Running tsc locally does not throw any errors, and my project builds successfully. However, Sublime is giving me feedback that support for Decorators is experimental, and to set the flag in my tsconfig. It is also telling me that vendor modules cannot be resolved.

    My tsconfig file:

      "compilerOptions": {
        "target": "es5",
        "module": "system",
        "moduleResolution": "node",
        "sourceMap": true,
        "emitDecoratorMetadata": true,
        "experimentalDecorators": true,
        "removeComments": false,
        "baseUrl": ".",
        "lib": [
        "paths": {
          "*": [
      "include": [

    I am using Typescript 2.0.0, JSPM 0.17 Beta, and Sublime Text 3. Any help would be appreciated.

    Chris LeBlanc
    Hi, how do i disable the "tooltip" here? http://d.pr/i/UGiz
    I wonder if the styling is wrong and it should "float"
    Problem is it moves the line down which is super annoying
    Bnaya Peretz
    looks like the plugin is ignoring the tsconfig.compilerOptions.lib[]
    even when setting the path of the tsserver to ts 2.1.4
    So I'm seeing something strange with this plugin where it's giving error messages for previous versions of a file. Does anyone know how this can happen? Is there some caching involved?
    1. Have code with error:

      this.dialog.open(someDialogComponent, {});

      --> gives error (correctly) "Argument of type {} is not assignable to paramater of type 'MdDialogConfig ..."

    2. Fix code:


      --> still get the same error (incorrectly) "Argument of type {} is not assignable to paramater of type 'MdDialogConfig ..."

    ... I did have 2 copies of the same project open (from different directories). closed one and it went away. Perhaps that is the bug.
    Sergei Vorobev
    Hi guys, what's up with Microsoft/TypeScript-Sublime-Plugin#529 ? This issue is super-duper annoying
    I'd be happy to help out, if somebody can point me in the right direction
    I searched for "find" and "select" but there is just too much stuff
    Daniel Rosenwasser
    @vors sorry we missed that
    @zhengbli will try checking it out when he gets the chance
    Sergei Vorobev
    @DanielRosenwasser great! thank you for the quick reply
    Let me know if you need help
    Daniel Rosenwasser
    Sure thing!
    Hello all
    its showing fatal: Too many arguments.
    Anyone please assist me in this issue
    i am facing an issue while installing typescript in sublime
    I have code that runs successful through the compiler but sublime shows errors in the ui.
    1) import * as assert from 'assert'; # can not find module assert
    2) new Promise((resolve, reject) => { # 'Promise' only refers to a type, but is used as a value
    Daniel Rosenwasser
    @ch1ll0ut1 usually that means your file isn't associated with a tsconig.json
    James Elkins
    hey all - I'm also running into Microsoft/TypeScript-Sublime-Plugin#529
    any idea what might be the problem? @DanielRosenwasser you said @zhengbli might have a chance to look into it :)
    I'm on sublime 3136 MacOS 10.12.5
    hi i am trying to setup baseURL so i dont need to do imports with '../../' but I am still getting squigglies in sublime even though everything is compiling correctly
    Diego Benjamín
    Hello, I installed the package in my Sublime 3 build 3143 install and I got syntax highlighting, however I cant see any actual linting or error alerts
    neight signature definitions
    Daniel Rosenwasser
    @daguilaraguilar_twitter Do you have Node installed on your system?
    Abdulrhman Alsri
    i installed the typescript but not working!
    Sarthak Batra
    Hey people! I was going through the release notes of the new version of the plugin with improved syntax highlighting for TS 3.1.1 and there is this thing mentioned about in-place re-factoring. "Introduces functionality for in-editor refactoring."
    I'm not sure how to use that. Can someone provide an example?
    Daniel Rosenwasser
    @batraman ^
    Sarthak Batra
    @DanielRosenwasser thank you! this was really helpful!
    Hey all! Is it possible to configure this plugin to run on js/jsx files?
    Daniel Rosenwasser
    @colinking that'll be coming in the next release thanks to recent PRs
    i am using this plugin but ts file imports are formatted incorrectly
    like this:
    import {
    } from '@angular/core';
    it should go in 1 line only, how can i fix it?
    Arya Soni
    This message was deleted
    Ricky JW
    hi, can i set typescript_tsdk in the sublime-project config file?
    dose anybody use the typescript-styled-plugin plugin ?
    Sumon Bormon Singh(Dark Prince)
    Hello World

    all Hello World