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Repo info
    Hello. The link on your wiki here : "The documentation explains how to install Visual Studio, add the XAML Behaviors NuGet package to your project, and get started using the API." Just reloads the page...with no such instructions
    I've got a UWP app. Such apps run in managed for development and debugging. But, when complied for Release to the MS Store, such apps need to be complied using .Net Native
    which XamlBehaviors build do I include in this project?
    Scott Lovegrove
    @scott-stoltz you would still include the managed one (assuming you're building your app using c#/vb/etc). If you're building your app using c++, then use the native one.
    thanks Scott! that make sense
    Ben Randall
    I'm working on a UWP app, and as part of my migration I ended up adding a reference to the "Behaviors SDK (XAML)", listed in the Reference Manager under Universal Windows > Extensions. This has a version of 12.0 and Targets Windows 8.1, but it all appears to be working.
    I'm assuming that 12.0 is just matching the VS version and this is an older package. Is there any reason I should keep this reference if I'm switching to using the XamlBehaviors NuGet package?
    Scott Lovegrove
    @veleek if you've moved to a UWP project, ditch the old reference and just use the nuget package
    Ben Randall
    Awesome, thanks! I'll probably add something to the documentation to make that clear eventually.
    kyle devious
    Can anyone tell me where i can find release notes or a changelog for the xaml behaviors sdk before it became open source and a nuget package?
    Nigel Sampson
    I don't believe there was much of a change log before it was open source in the sense that it came out and wasn't updated till it become open source
    Martin Egli
    Hello, everybody. I made a pull request about 10 days ago. it's blocked because of pending review. How and who could review my pull request?
    Patrick Decoster
    I have a pull-request that's open since April. (#157) Its currently blocked because of requested changes, which I resolved. Anyone who could take a look at approving it?