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    Arthur Ma
    @rajkamalrhub for iot device Distributed tracing is the right choice
    @JamesFrancisco what is 'automated upload'? and the message "Configure Device connection string completely." is not error but notification for successfully setting the connection string to AZ3166 board. For more information please check Quickstart and Build your first project

    I recently purchased the mxChip IoT devkit and was able to follow through with the get-started tutorial right up to the point where I need to upload the device code . I get an error: "C\users\xxxxx\appdata\local\arduino15\packages\AZ3166\tools\arm-none-eabi-gcc\5-4-2016q3/bin/arm-none-eabi-g++": file does not exist" Exit with code=1.

    I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling the Arduino IDE and toolkit within Visual Studio Code but it still persists. Any help would be appreciated!

    @ArthurMa1978 Thanks for the information. Apart from message send via IoTHub, collecting activites log from device using serilog log analytics slink, can the distributed tracing collect all activites like device sarted, registered, message send, failed, etc. And will this use same changell of IoTHub?
    I am trying to use the MXChip behind a corp firewall. Can anyone tell me if MQTT Websockets is a supported cloud protocol? 8883 is blocked in my network and was hoping to use 443.
    Sayan Chatterjee
    Hi All,

    I am using AZ3166 simulator but not able to run the simulator and getting below error.

    Executing task: node "/Users/$USER/azure-board-cli/out/cli.js" provision .bin <

    throw err;

    Because of azure-board-cli does not exists, apprteicate if you colud help me .


    I’m having the same issue has posted here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55368250/azure-iot-devkit-get-started-project-disconnecting-and-re-connecting-over-and-ov

    However, I am using my iphone hotspot, and able to get the Get Started project working and sending telemetry through my hotspot to my hub. However, as soon as I add the certificate and the set-option line I get the following repeated output via vscode com3 monitor:

    Connection status: disconnected >>>Re-connect. Iothub Version:1.2.14

    Stephen Fletcher
    Anyone know if the iot-dev kit can be connected to wpa2-enterprise wifi such as eduroam (so username and password required)?
    Jakub Svoboda
    Hi, I am following this guide: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/iot-hub/iot-hub-arduino-iot-devkit-az3166-get-started and in Step 8, my device never gets from "running" to actually sending the test telemetry. I use mobile hotspot. any ideas why it is stuck in "running"??
    Nik - Shahriar Nikkhah
    I have am IoT edge that is working fine i restart the computer Win10 the edge is fine, i shut down the computer and everything is lost, can someone help?
    Allan Pead
    Anyone get pulseIn to work on the az3166 board?
    Allan Pead
    wrote own version
    Nik - Shahriar Nikkhah
    pulseln ??, you have a link?
    @jakubsvobodacz it is working for me i am sure you have just missed a minor step
    Hi - has anyone managed to connect an MXCHIP to Arduino Mega using Wire.h ?
    Adam Sasine
    I am receiving an error when running the DevKitState example. It matches the one described in microsoft/azure-iot-developer-kit#483. Has a solution been found?
    Allan Pead
    @SQLDataSide a link to what?
    Does anyone have a pinout comparison between Arduino and AZ3166
    @ukdanr - thanks, this is amazing. I guess not all analog or digital pins (Arduino) would be available in AZ3166 ?
    I just received my MXChip IoT DevKit, connected it as instructed, and entered into my browser and get an error message that this site cannot be reached. I have tried different computers and different browser, but always the same error message. Any suggestions?
    @EdLamie - Did you connect your connecting system (PC, Tablet) to the MXChip SSID. Let me know if you need further info - I can certainly help
    @Jrshelkay Yes, I connected my MXChip to a laptop computer, reset it (Button B and Reset), and the message on the MXChip screen was as expected: IoT DevKit, AZ-xxxxxxx, Config WiFi on, I went to a browser on another computer and entered and received the message that this site cannot be reached. Thanks for the link but I already had it and followed the instructions explicitly.
    @Jrshelkay Problem resolved--I failed to connect to the MXChip access point (I was trying to access its website). Once I did that, all is well. Thank you for helping.
    @EdLamie: Glad to hear that. Good luck on your project
    Joshua M Loran
    I'm having an issue connecting my MXChip to my wifi. I'm using firmware v1.6.2 and enter AP mode to configure the wifi by holding B, pushing reset, then letting go of B. On another device I connect to the AZ3166 wifi and the provided IP address on the MXChip. I enter the credentials and it reads connecting... on the chip. The chip then displays the name and IP of the wifi as though it worked. But, there is no result file created and the chip reads no wifi after reset. I've tried several different firmware options and I'm at the point where I'm thinking I have a faulty wifi chip onboard the MXChip. Anybody have any ideas or experience with this problem?

    I recently read about 'MXCHIP AZ3166 IOT DevKit'. Can I connect an external sensor to it?

    Data to IOT Hub should be from the external sensor.

    I wish to implement a smart garden and hence I want to soil moisture sensor to be connected to 'MXCHIP AZ3166 IOT DevKit'. Is it possible? Can information from my soil moisture sensor be send to IOT Hub?



    @JoshuaLoran , can you try connect wifi via the serial monitor and see the output message? https://microsoft.github.io/azure-iot-developer-kit/docs/use-configuration-mode/
    Alper Derici
    hi all, is anybody else struggling with getting the sample "Devkit State" to work? It constantly gives 400 error code. I believe something in the implementation must have changed?
    Joshua M Loran
    @liydu I put the MXChip in config mode and and I get the following error
    @liydu ERROError: Time:Thu Jan 1 00:03:21 1970 File:IoT_DevKit_HW.cpp Func:initWiFi Line:53 Failed to initialize Wi-Fi.
    R: Failed to get the Wi-Fi SSID from EEPROM.
    Joshua M Loran
    @liydu Also, when I try to set _wifipwd through configuration mode I get "# set_wifipwd *
    ERROR: Failed to write EEPROM: 0x0a."
    John Koz
    I'm trying to map the analog inputs from an arduino project to the MXChip. I've read the Jeremy Lindsay articles but I'm having trouble finding the corresponding physical pins for ardunio AO and A1. Anyone know more about this?
    John Koz
    Ok after a bunch more googling and face palming I realized the A0 and A1 analog input pins are the same on the MXChip (0 and 1 respectively). I did however find that on the Kitronix breakout board A0 (Arduino)=0(MXChip) = 0 pin (Kitronix) and A1(Arduino) = 1 (MXChip) = 4 pin(Kitronix). Hope this helps future kitronix breakout board users
    John Koz
    The next question I ran into is: Does the Tone() function work on the MXChip? I'm getting the following error when I try to invoke tone(piezoPin, 1000, 500); "device:17:27: error: 'tone' was not declared in this scope"

    I'm doing the Microsoft iot-devkit tutorial with the MXChip az3166. Specifically I'm doing the translate tutorial that comes included in Visual Studio Code for the MXChip az3166.

    I've tried doing the whole tutorial twice from scratch and everytime I think i'm done, I go to test the result. When I press the B button to record it says "processing" then "uploading" then it returns a message "Sorry, I can't hear you" If I try pressing the B button again it gets stuck on the screen: "Release to send. max duration 1.5 sec".

    I'm new to the DevKit. How Can I monitor what's happening and check the error messages
    Xavier Mignot
    @inessaid have you checked the Serial Monitor in VS Code ? You can open it using the plug icon in the bottom right corner of VS Code...
    Liya Du
    @JoshuaLoran , can you try first flash the DevKit back to original state? https://microsoft.github.io/azure-iot-developer-kit/versions/
    Joshua M Loran
    @liydu did that, got same error. Tried flashing several different versions, same error for all.
    Mirko Bonello
    Hello. I just bought a new DevKit and followed the steps in this link: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/iot-hub/iot-hub-arduino-iot-devkit-az3166-get-started
    but my device gets stuck in "Running" state after re-booting and the Azure signal does NOT turn on. Can someone help?
    Benjamin Cabé
    Hi everyone -- I have an issue with my MXChip (tried with quite a few actually, so it's not a HW issue I believe) where a firmware built using SDK 1.9.10 deployed by copying to mass storage leads to the MXChip not booting up at all (black screen) whereas the same program deployed from VS Code / OpenOCD just works. Any thoughts? FWIW this is the firmware: https://github.com/kartben/mxchip_pnp_asset_tracker
    Peter Gallagher
    @mirkob_twitter I've got the exact same problem... Did you have any luck fixing it?
    Although I had been using MXCHIP for some time. But just today installed the setup in a new laptop. I am stuck in the step in Visual Code where I have to go to Arduino:Board Manager and select AZ3166. I have tried multiple times refreshing package list but this board does not appear. I have installed the latest Arduino UI 1.8.10. The log indicates some certificate error. Pasting the excerpt below. Any help would be great, as I am stuck right now:
    This is the error: 2019-11-16T12:46:03.909Z INFO c.a.u.n.HttpConnectionManager:148 [main] Connect to https://raw.githubusercontent.com/VSChina/azureiotdevkit_tools/master/package_azureboard_index.json, method=HEAD, request id=97F4B1E8C4EC49E4
    2019-11-16T12:46:04.149Z ERROR c.a.u.n.FileDownloader:199 [main] The request stop
    javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: sun.security.validator.ValidatorException: PKIX path building failed: sun.security.provider.certpath.SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to find valid certification path to requested target