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Thiago Martins
I'm also seeing that this chat is kinda empty... Is there a more active channel?
Thiago Martins
tutorial_6.py is awesome!!! LOL
Shreyas Lad

What's the deal with Malmo vs MalmoEnv? The github readme suggests that MalmoEnv " will most likely be the preferred way to develop with Malmo Minecraft going forward." So I should follow on from MalmoEnv examples when starting new? Is MalmoEnv like Malmo v2.0? I'm want to do a more rules based AI, not reinforcement OpenAI. So if I use Malmo I can get an observation grid using something like
msg = world_state.observations[-1].text
observations = json.loads(msg)
grid = observations.get(u'floor3x3', 0)

But in MalmoEnv it uses obs = comms.recv_message(self.client_socket) and then obs = obs.reshape((self.height, self.width, self.depth)).astype(np.uint8) to return a long array as the observations, I can't find any examples of how to parse this array so that my agent can know what blocks are around it. I feel like I might be missing something fundamental about how Malmo and MalmoEnv work together.


Hi everyone! I ran into the issue with bedrock being destroyed by discrete movement commands, as mentioned in David Bignell's post from Jan. 2018:

To get back to your original question - making certain blocks indestructible - in theory, players in survival mode can't break bedrock blocks, so you could use bedrock for your indestructible blocks...

Just wondering: Have there been any updates on this behavior? Maybe a flag I could set rather than the continuous-attack workaround he mentioned?

I have an agent that's learning how to dig, and manages to dig out of the world on a regular basis...
Jesse English
Hi all - I'm new to malmo and am trying to sort out what command to issue to the agent to have it press a button that it is facing. It seems like the discrete command "use 1" should be the right one (when there is nothing in the agent's hand), but it doesn't seem to have any effect. If I take control of the agent and right-click the mouse, the in-game button is pressed as expected. Does anyone know what the correct command to send should be for this effect? Thanks!
James Boggs
The Minecraft server seems to be broken for me, since it sends every byte it receives from comms.py to the SAX XML Parser. I replied to an existing issue on the topic here: https://github.com/microsoft/malmo/issues/848#issuecomment-554037484. I would definitely appreciate some help on the matter, though it seems like the devs have pretty much abandoned this.
Hi! I'm new to malmo and I want to provide my agent with splash damage potion for a combat game, but all I can find in the XML Schema are regular potions. How can get a specific kind of potion for my agent, can I do it through the InventoryItem section in the XML file? Thanks!
Hi there. I'm quite new at using this platform so this question is likely very easy. I'm working on an end of term project for my AI class... I need to reference the Damage Taken by my agent. My damageTaken value does not reset to 0 when a new mission starts, it is the value from last mission so I tried to call clear() at the beginning of the mission but it does not work. Any one know how to reset observations?
Joseph Kready
@Richsl Have you looked at part 9 of the tutorial.pdf? https://microsoft.github.io/malmo/0.17.0/Python_Examples/Tutorial.pdf
Nishanth J Kumar
@seanysull_gitlab I had the exact same issue you described (i.e, the 'boost_python' static library was not found. I changed the CMakeLists.txt to 'python3' (because this was indeed what the libraries were named as it turns out, just as Andre said), and it built. Most of the tests from ctest seem to be passing just fine (in fact, only tests 7 and 8 failed), but it seems that things work fine in general. I used a newly-created Conda env with Python 3.6 and am able to run the tutorials from install/Python_Examples just fine.
Hi, I'm new to malmo.If it’s not difficult, tell me how to activate spawn mobs as in normal survival?
Tasos Tai
Hello, is there a way to give an agent reward only if facing and touching the block? I thought about AgentQuitFromReachingPosition (to quit when around block and facing it), however the Marker doesn't take yaw as argument.
Akshay Sharma
Hey, I am new to Malmo. I am looking for some mods for Malmo which allows me to change colors or texture of blocks on a per block or group of block basis rather than changing the appearance throughout the world. Can someone point me to such a mod, or some way to do that in Malmo. Thanks.
Jesse English
Hi all - does anyone know how (or if it is possible) to use ObservationFromGrid and to obtain color information on relevant blocks (e.g., to get more detail than just "wool", such as "pink wool")? I see that color information is in the schema, but I'm not sure how to extract that from the observation. Thanks!
Vidhi Jain
Hi, I am not getting commands like "move 1" in Malmo where the agent is specified with DiscreteMovementCommands and the mission is loaded from a saved world in Minecraft. Has anyone encountered this before? Initially, I thought that the time span for this is too less to observe change in block coordinates, so I ran the same action ~100 times in a for loop, but in vain. Any ideas on how to fix this?
The commands like "turn 1" and "turn -1" work fine by producing 90 degrees rotation clockwise or counterclockwise respectively.
Tasos Tai
@vidhiJain your starting position should be in the middle of the block. e.g 30.5 instead of 30.
Vidhi Jain
@maotaitas sounds good, thank you!
Hey has anyone had any success running multi-agent environments with Malmo0.36?
Jonathan Balloch
Hey all, is there any way to get specifically the list of entities that are currently in view? Right now I am simply calculating what is in view by using the agent world pose, assuming the camera parameters, and then backing out what is probably in view based on the world coordinates for the entities in the schema, but it is rather unstable (including a lot of entities that aren't in view, missing ones that are, etc)
any ideas?
@tytty89 yes, it should work. don't forget to spawn as many game instances as there are agents. Try the "MultiMaze" example. its pretty straightforward
@balloch Thanks, I've run two game instances but when I run the second agent using "python multimaze --role 1", Both Minecraft screens go blank white and become unresponsive.
@balloch I would be interested in knowing if there is a way to extract information about entities in view. Currently, I am training a nn on labeled images of the ender dragon. However, the dark sky of the ender makes it difficult for the model to actually recognize the dragon itself. Being able to directly extract what entities are in view would make it much easier. If you weren’t able to find that option, you might have to do the same: check out Darknet YOLO
Jonathan Balloch
@kct456 Oh very cool! my code is just hot garbage and not fully functional at this point because this is for a secondary feature of my approach, hence why I am asking (and if anyone else has a cleaner solution of how to get entities in the view cone I'm all ears). That being said, I don't know if you could get pixel locations for the ender dragon. I think the best that the entity data can give you is a bounding cuboid, or maybe even just pose. Can anyone else validate this?
I have been able to run the two_digger example fine, but two clients for MultiMaze becomes unresponsive when adding the second client. Does anyone have an idea what the problem could be?
Rohan R Paleja
@tytty89 they should automatically launch to different ports but if they aren't, that can cause an issue.
I am trying to program some agent behaviors (chop nearest tree etc.). Anyone know a good repo with robust functions that have these capabilities?
@rohanpaleja27, cheers they open to different ports and both clients load temporarily before becoming unresponsive. Agent1 connects to 10000 and Agent2 to 10001. I am confused why the two_digger multiagent environment works but MultiMaze doesn't. Is there something I am missing?
Rohan R Paleja
@tytty89 I am unable to get MultiMaze either (although for different reasons). Are you able to run pig_chase fine?
@rohanpaleja27 Why can't you run MultiMaze? I don't have the pig_chase file.
Rohan R Paleja
Its due to a Malmo version mismatch. I have 0.37 and this final seems to only work with 0.36. Pulling 0.36 and trying it, only one Minecraft window runs Multimaze properly. The other just stays at the homescreen and the mission never starts
Timothy Hakobian
(base) dhcp-10-8-004-185:MalmoEnv Tim$ python3 runmultiagent.py --mission missions/mobchase_two_agents.xml
number of agents: 2
[1] reset 0
Pause before retry on [Errno 61] Connection refused
[0] reset 0
Pause before retry on [Errno 61] Connection refused
Pause before retry on [Errno 61] Connection refused
Pause before retry on [Errno 32] Broken pipe
Pause before retry on [Errno 61] Connection refused
Anyone know what could be causing that?
PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> cd E:\Malmo\Python_Examples
PS E:\Malmo\Python_Examples> python tutorial_2.py
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "tutorial_2.py", line 24, in <module>
import MalmoPython
ImportError: DLL load failed: 找不到指定的模块。
Who can help me, thank you very much
@rohanpaleja27 why don't you install 0.36. I gave up on trying to get it to work on Windows 10. It installed on ubuntu fine with marlo using these instructions: https://marlo.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
I am trying to use the Malmo platform to develop an agent that carries out complex building tasks in Minecraft creative mode. However, the documentation specifically describes inventory commands for use in survival mode, and I am wondering if there are commands that can be sent to the agent in creative mode to select blocks by name, and to switch between category tabs in the creative mode inventory.
Norbert Bátfai
Please let me bring to your attention the "Red Flower Hell in Minecraft MALMÖ" project. In this page you will find information about our preliminary education and research concept in AGI in Minecraft: http://hackers.inf.unideb.hu:443/RedFlowerHell/

Right now, I am trying to use Malmo on Linux Mint 19.3 with OpenJDK8 using the build-from-source Malmo platform in the latest commit version. When I attempt to run Minecraft with the Malmo mod using

./launchClient.sh -port 10234 -env
I get a message that says [15:13:59] [Realms Notification Availability checker #1/INFO]: Could not authorize you against Realms server: Invalid session id

I think this is preventing my from running missions, because when I try to run tutorial_1.py, nothing happens. There is no error message, but the terminal gets stuck on the command

python3.7 tutorial_1.py

I would greatly appreciate your help in resolving this issue.

Zachary Wiesenthal
Hi, I'm trying to send a command to kill all non player entities: "/kill @e[type=!player]". However, I'm not sure how to send this to the agent, I've tried using agent_host.sendCommand("Chat"+" /kill @e[type=!player]"), but nothing happens. Any advice would be appreciated.
Zachary Wiesenthal
resolved this by adding <ChatCommands/> to xml under agent_handler
Shaun Wild
Hello everyone can I have some help please
Been trying to set up Malmo for about 2 hours now I can't get ANYTHING to work
I've installed all dependencies, the Minecraft agent is running and everything. But when I run the Java example, It just says Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: C:\Malmo\Java_Examples\MalmoJava.dll: Can't find dependent libraries