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    you need to wait for extension initializes
    then you can execute mysql program
    Daniel Macias
    Hi all, love this extension... only thing that keeps calling me back to ssms is the crazy fast result sets i get back from a query. Is this a do-able feature?
    Hi all
    Hi all
    I have a question. We have three Sql Server databases: Prod, Dev and Test. There are inconsistencies between the schemas
    How can we align schemas?
    I think we need to improve our development process
    developers may write all the ddl statements into a file in the git repository
    when deploying new releases, related sql queries can be executed in the production environment
    however this is a manual process
    do you have suggestions?
    I am an expert web application developer.
    Do you can help me to find a remote job?
    Elvis Begović
    @Minooseresht if you are expert you can help me solve sql problem :)
    @omerozsakarya I'd script out each of the databases then run a SQL diff against them. There are tools out there that can do the db-diff for you. Cheapest and easiest of them is Visual Studio: https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/vs/features/ssdt/
    Hi every one
    here Another excellent step for freelancers www.hitlance.com
    1/2 the time when I run queries I get a list of the fields and rows, but no data: https://cl.ly/25f26870710a . Any ideas?
    Harshdeep Singh
    Hello All, how can i stop query execution ?
    hello i'm using activiti v5 that creating a schema with table which have an ID (nvarchar) so i'm having a serious problem to index it , also the number of workflow that i have is 10000 per day so anyone have a solution to have a perfect performance for this problems
    Alex Skobelev
    Hey all - not sure if anyone has noticed this, but the extension is having issues with the latest VS Code update Microsoft/vscode#70094
    Hi, the build failed when I tried to install this today (2019-03-11).
    Installing SQL tools service to c:\Users\srinivas.paturu.vscode\extensions\ms-mssql.mssql-1.4.0\sqltoolsservice\1.4.0\Windows.
    Downloading https://download.microsoft.com/download/3/2/9/32995640-2B4A-4C47-8764-287485C733DB/microsoft.sqltools.servicelayer-win-x64-netcoreapp2.1.zip
    (37396 KB) ....................[ERROR] Error: Request error: ECONNRESET
    Mirza Tazeem Baig
    How can we access files from blob storage in microsoft azure
    Running the sql server extension for vs code, and it seems the database specific intellisense has stopped working. It'll recommend all the boilerplate stuff, but it doesn't seem to recommend/autocomplete tables/views/columns anymore
    Karl Burtram
    @Eji1700 thanks for reporting this problem. We're tracking with GitHub issue Microsoft/vscode-mssql#1194. There will be an updated extension published soon once testing is complete.
    Anybody here available to help me with a question
    Samuel Harrold
    mssql is failing to save the results of a SQL query. Has anyone else seen this issue? I did not find an issue on GitHub.
    Samuel Harrold
    To reproduce: Execute query SELECT 1;, save as CSV using the icon.
    Error message:
    mssql: Failed to save results. Failed to save test.csv: Could not load file or assembly 'System.Text.Encoding.CodePages, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a'. The located assembly's manifest definition does not match the assembly reference. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131040)
    Thanks for any help
    Samuel Harrold
    Issue submitted: Microsoft/vscode-mssql#1213
    Elvis Begović
    Is it normal my sqlserver express (16databases) takes almost 5gb memory ram while nobody is using webapplication

    rudi_bruchez > <@gitter_istiti:matrix.org> Is it normal my sqlserver express (16databases) takes almost 5gb memory ram while nobody is using webapplication

    Yep, SQL Server uses RAM for cache. When it takes it, in does not free it afterwards.

    Elvis Begović
    What is the max RAM size for cache sql use ? is it 5gb or it can be higher ?
    Elvis Begović
    Elvis Begović
    Any issue on mssql relating to indexes defragmentation. I defragment dbA it is fast but dbB is slow then i run script to defragment dbB , this time dbB is fast but dbA is slow
    Hello, someone would like to help me? I'm having trouble trying to connect to my local mysql server. user: root with no password.
    Julian Hüpppauff
    As far I know you can’t connect to a MySQL using the MSSQL add-in.

    heleh > <@gitter_jhueppauff:matrix.org> As far I know you can’t connect to a MySQL using the MSSQL add-in.

    cardonacoder (Gitter): I Am not sure, but i don't belive that the mssql extention is working with MySQL server

    Does Anyone know what it takes to make the mssql extension authenticate with Azure AAD Azure active directory, I can get the SQL Server user accounts to work fine.
    Hello please am new to SQL
    where should I start from? please
    You can search kudvenkat in YouTube
    still getting command 'extension.connect' not found error
    tried uninstalling and installing
    Krushna Kadam
    How can I install extension for SQL server under Visual Studio code.
    Andrew Hill
    <slightly off topic coment removed> -- this isn't about the vs code extension, it was about sql server itself ...