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    Ramprasad Reddy
    Hello World
    Hao Hu
    Great! Greeting from China.
    Xin Shi
    @ramprasader66 Hello~
    @HaoHoo Reply from Shanghai.
    Hi Xin Shi...Rpi simulator was really interesting and helpful for a beginner like me.I need to know whether it is possible to get sensor data from an openAPI?
    Xin Shi
    @angelmariadas Currently the answer is no. We haven't expose any API for that. If you want to have this kind of feature, you can create an issue in the github repo.
    is it possible to code in other languages... currently I am only familiar with python and some C#
    Xin Shi
    @daveyman123 thanks for the feedback. currently the answer is no. We are thinking add more language support in the future.
    @shizn ok thank you
    Great project. Speed up development on RPI Boards using nodeJS.
    Eng Soon Cheah
    Any Tutorial / Hand-On-Lab for Connecting RPi Simulator with Xamarin.
    Xin Shi
    @cheahengsoon Any specific description of you idea? not sure how will it look like.
    Eng Soon Cheah
    @shizn Because currently most of the IoT is using mobile to connect or control the device.
    Gourav Goyal
    hi devs, fairly new to node.js..mind telling me how to deploy rasp simulator on my local? which commands do i need to run?
    Xin Shi
    @JerryGoyal Hi, I am afraid this simulator in not for local use. It's all browser-based.
    Igor Ganapolsky
    Hi, other than the temperature sensor + LED sample (https://azure-samples.github.io/raspberry-pi-web-simulator/), are there any other samples for the RasPi simulator?
    Xin Shi
    @IgorGanapolsky Hi Igor. We are collecting new ideas on the new samples. Do you have ideas on your mind?
    I want to use Use Azure IoT Edge On A Raspberry Pi (loaded with Windows 10 IoT) that collects data from a TI Sensor Tag using BLE protocol to Forward Device To Cloud Messages To IoT Hub. Eventually I would like to use ThingWorx as the IoT hub via MQTT protocol or just use ThingWorx Edge SDKs and WebSocket-based Edge MicroServer on the client. So basically I want to know how to pump data I collect via the Tag Sensor on Raspberry Pi that runs .net code and push it to an Iot hub as well as receive some messages from the cloud to device (like turn off temperature sensor). I am a c#.net developer and I a looking for sample projects, articles, guides, videos that will help me start IoT development
    Xin Shi
    @radrad I believe the next release of Azure IoT Edge will somehow match most of your requirements. Stay tuned.
    can we start on a free IOT hub without paying 200$ at beginning?
    @NEWBEE108 any soloution ?
    Awesome work Xin Shi! I am pretty new to java programming and github.
    I forked the code from https://github.com/Azure-Samples/raspberry-pi-web-simulator to my repository. I created a webapp on azure portal. Hosted a website. That website is linked to the master branch of forked git repository. I changed the source code. a file in src/lib/wiring-pi.js of source branch. But it is not reflecting on the webpage. More specifically a message "is not supported now". Could you please let me know what I should do to make it relect on the webpage.
    And there are different branches such as static-int, guide-animation andfake other than master and source. Please can you tell me what they are and whether as a developer I need to be worried about that?
    on the sample code given in the site to blink the led can u plz explain exactly what changes do i need to do for it to work
    Jose Medrano
    Sudeep Hazra
    This is a great tool. I have one issue that I could not get the tool working from my work machine. I kept getting an error saying "[IoT hub Client] Connect error: undefined", but I got everything working from home using the same device connection string. What am I missing? I use IE at work and the work machines have to use a proxy to connect to the external internal. Any help is very much appreciated.
    Hello Xin shi. I am creating a replica of this interesting project using a different sensor. Iam following the "how to simulate device in pc" document from docs. Microsoft for the same. Now iam stuck with an error which says "could found wiring-pi" though i have wiring-pi module in my c drive.
    "could not found wiring-pi" though i have wiring-pi module in my c drive.
    Not sure what iam missing here. Could you please help...
    @sudeephazra can u try with chrome? Same thing happened to me from my work machine and got resolved using Chrome.
    I guess we are missing some setting in IE.
    Autoaid Nigeria
    this is a great tool

    Guys, the sim was working for me yesterday fine. But since then I keep getting:

    "Cannot read property 'length' of undefined"

    I've tried a variety of browsers (Safari/Chrome), deleted cookies, run in-private but to no avail.

    Any ideas? I see @michaeljqzq did a commit yesterday?

    hello guys, could i use different sensors in this simulator , how and where ?
    Eng Soon Cheah
    Currently only the blinking only
    Iain Brown
    Hello I only came across this yesterday am was wondering if I can use other Fritzing files? for this and use additional hardware like servos and motors?

    Hi, is there any possibility to control Raspberry Pi Web Simulator? I am not familiar with NodeJS (maybe this is the problem), but I tried a few times, different approaches and nothing work for me. When I am invokind direct method from Azure portal, when Pi simulator is running I am receiving a message:
    Failed to invoke device method: {"message":"Device {\"Message\":\"{\\\"errorCode\\\":404103,\\\"trackingId\\\":\\\"612f475e9ccc412e9fa3ca34180e8805-G:8-TimeStamp:04/16/2020 08:37:09\\\",\\\"message\\\":\\\"NotFound\\\",\\\"info\\\":{},\\\"timestampUtc\\\":\\\"2020-04-16T08:37:09.7938433Z\\\"}\",\"ExceptionMessage\":\"\"} not registered"}
    And on Pi Simulator:
    "Failed to read out sensor data: Error: AMQJS0011E Invalid state not connected."

    After this one call, device is "Disconnected" in device Twin tab.
    Any idea how to solve this?

    I see that there are no updates for long time, but I hope anyone will answer it
    can we change the hardware layout for the raspberry pi web simulator? Can we connect ultrasonic sensor instead of BME sensor?
    @sruthi1089 Hi Sruthi can you share how are simulating a different sensor on simulator?
    Hello guys. I'm working on a project which involves a gps module. Is it possible to do such a thing in the online simulator? Can I call any api through this simulator?? Or does it work only with the given code?
    Hao Hu
    @devikasuren As I know this simulator do not support other sensor yet. The source code shows that BME sensor simulation is use random data.
    @TalalQamar99 I think we can submit this request on github... import some location data as GPS simulation data.
    Hi all, I am having an issue if anyone can help, using the Raspberry Pi Simulator I am not able to see any sensor data on the app on localhost:3000 when I follow the official Visualize real-time sensor data from your Azure IoT hub in a web application
    I am running it locally and able to successfully create the EventHubConsumerClient from IoT Hub event hub-compatible connection string, but when I run the app in browser there is no data and 0 devices is displayed. Has anyone had the same issue?
    hi all, I was trying to run more than one IoT device in parallel, is there any other option than Raspberry IoT temperature sensor? Help appreciated
    Hey people, it seems that this cool project is not maintained anymore, right? I thought I can use this w/o raspi to simulate my fritzing sketches. A good and nice arduino and esp32 web simulator you can find here: https://wokwi.com/ but unfortunatelly, they don't have a full functional raspi. Just the pico.
    Hao Hu
    Seems that Emulator web site don't work any more... When I try to connect is show: "[IoT hub Client] Connect error: undefined"
    Hao Hu
    confirmed simulator not fit Edge browser. It can be run on Safari.
    How can i connect rasbperry pi with sensors