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Jun 2016
Enrico Sada
Jun 28 2016 18:42
@Thorium @dsincl12 just use an array
    "compile": {
      "includeFiles": [
a suave sample for .NET Core SDK preview1 (not updated for preview2 yet)
dont do *.fs it's not c#, file order matter
easier to explicit specify it
if you need help, join in #dotnetcore channel
Andrii Chebukin
Jun 28 2016 20:23
How to join?
Diego Frata
Jun 28 2016 22:03

I'm observing a strange behavior on IntelliSense across few machines. Basically, if I create a new FSX file and type the following, I get full, blazing fast, auto completion:

#r "../Xgh.Data/bin/Debug/Xgh.Runtime.dll"

open Xgh.

On the other hand, I get an eternal "Loading..." tooltip if I write the following.

#I "../Xgh.Data/bin/Debug"
#r "Xgh.Runtime.dll"

open Xgh.

Any ideas why? Both ways are running fine on FSI. Obviously, I'd like to define a directory at the top so it's easier to find all the references it needs.

Enrico Sada
Jun 28 2016 23:23
@xperiandri see or ask
reed copsey