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Panos Athanasiou
hey guys i get some random errors at my .ino file
Arthur Ma
@bbukaty ack. will look into it
Arthur Ma
@SebastianZug right, unfortunately we don't have Zero in hand, would you like to test if we give you the config?
Sebastian Zug
@ArthurMa1978 Of course, it would be a pleasure!
Arthur Ma
@SebastianZug tried the Zero board, the debug function works well. not sure what's happened on your side, can you provide more information?
Is there any documentation on configuring vscode-arduino for esp8266 and esp32 programming?
actually don't worry. realised my issue was a lack of support for boards.local.txt
Hi everyone. First time here. I'm working with the MXChip IoT DevKit, taking a Microsoft edX course, and in VS Code w/ Arduino examples shown via the Command Palette, I'm trying to see the "AzureIoT" folder of examples within the "Examples for MXCHIP AZ3166" folder. On one of my laptops I see this folder, but on another laptop I do NOT see this "AzureIoT" folder. I need this folder to access the GetStarted example (which includes the tasks.json file - critical for my edX course). Any help is appreciated - thanks.
I solved this issue - all Azure IoT examples are no longer copied to your local drive at: C:\Users\smm-c\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\AZ3166\hardware\stm32f4\1.6.2\libraries\AzureIoT\examples. All Azure IoT Hub examples were moved to the project catalog in IoT Device Workbench.
Hi, I'm using both Arduino(.ino) and Processing(.pde). I want to turn off the function that change file extensions .pde to .ino. Is it possible?
@rutigl Did you get an answer to your post from 1st December 2017?
"Cannot find the OpenOCD from the launch.json debugServerPath property.Please input the right path of OpenOCD"
  • I cant see any threads from that post.
    I am trying to test Ardunio Uno Rev2 - which is on the list within the vscode-arduino extension, so I am assuming it is supported in the debugger.
Hey guys. I've been trying to get an IDE setup that is better than the default Arduino IDE. I ran across your program in Visual Studios and I am trying to get it working. I have managed to get it almost completely working, but some of the libraries I use directly reference registers on the arduino and your program does not seem to like that. It is that giving out 'identifier is undefined error' for each verrible used. Is there anything I can do to get that working, or is it possibly a feature request that I could make?
Tom Barber
Hi all, i've recently started programming a 3pi for a maze runner challenge and am keen to move on from the Arduino IDE. I've setup vscode with the Arduino plugin and it looks promsing, but I don't get the option for the "Pololu USB AVR Programmer". This is within a separate programmers.txt within the default Arduino sketchbook location. Can someone please help me add this programmer? Thanks!
i am getting an error when i try to connect to my board. It worked just 2 days ago. i think vscode just did an update
i see there is an issue on the git hub. i will see if the work around works for me.
Ash Nansen
I had a similar problem and it has something to do with adruino skech and the way it handles the .ino files. To get this problem to disapear every .ino file needs it own folder. It would be nice if the opload file is the same as the larst edited file. And the way of chancing upload files, is simpler.
Hey, does anyone know how to modify the available Programmers for this extension and where the extension files are located on Windows?
nvm found it in %USERPROFILE%/.vscode and it was located in the following file %USERPROFILE%.vscode\extensions\vsciot-vscode.vscode-arduino-0.2.27\out\src\arduino
Does anyone know how to use a USB port instead of a serial interface when uploading? Trying to setup vscode to work with a digispark pro 16Mhz. I manually added the board and programmer by modifying the relevant .js files. Not sure what needs to be done to get it uploading via usb as arduino does it. There isn't a COM interface for this device.
Is there way to get VSCode to upload to a pro trinket? It uses bitbanging and there isn't a com port. A google search suggests adding "port": "/dev/cu.usbserial-A6008bj4", to the json but it doesn't work for me on windows, it looks like a linux or mac thing.
In case anyone finds this I figured it out. First you have to select the programmer you want to use (F1 then type Arduino: Select Programmer) then you can't use the upload button you have to use the command pallet to do it (F1 then type Arduino: Upload Using Programmer). You also need to add "port": "COM 1" to your arduino.json file. Pretty sure you can put anything as the port, it just needs something there to get past the no port configured prompt.
Haritz Aryandra Gits
are there anyone here have using signal-r?
Liya Du
@haritz-aryandra what's your scenario for using that?
Hi Guys, I just installed this Arduino plugin. One thing that is not working is that the arduino build output is not being parsed for errors and problems are not created. Is this normal?
๐ŸŒป ๐™ผ๐šŽ๐šŠ๐š๐š˜๐š  ๐–€๐–›๐–† ๐•ฎ๐–Ž๐–‡๐–Š๐–—๐–“รฉ๐–™๐–Ž๐–ˆ๐–† ๐™ด๐š•๐š•๐š’๐šœ ๐ŸŒป
hey! I've been using the plugin for a very long time and I love it, but just now I tripped over something weird: it cannot locate <EEPROM.h>. But it works with all other stdlibs like SPI.h, Wire.h and all that. Also, it works in the IDE, but not in Code. I thought it was something common but I cannot find anything useful online... also, the same happens on Windows and macOS. Has anyone seen this happen?
Ahmed khairy
error: pinDefines.h: No such file or directory
the library is there , but it keep giving me this error
Anyone here had success programming an ATtiny85 with VSCode (via an Arduino UNO)?
That was supposed to be a search LOL
Anyone having issues with this on macOS Catalina?
I am seeing this kind of crap and it is taking much longer to compile.
2019-10-14T22:16:33.505Z INFO c.a.u.n.HttpConnectionManager:148 [cc.arduino.packages.discoverers.serial.SerialDiscovery] Connect to https://builder.arduino.cc/builder/v1/boards/0x04E8/0x6860, method=GET, request id=44F7A26BA955446A
2019-10-14T22:16:34.661Z INFO c.a.u.n.HttpConnectionManager:152 [cc.arduino.packages.discoverers.serial.SerialDiscovery] Request complete URL="https://builder.arduino.cc/builder/v1/boards/0x04E8/0x6860", method=GET, response code=404, request id=44F7A26BA955446A, headers={null=[HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found], Cache-Control=[no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate], Server=[nginx], Connection=[keep-alive], Vary=[Origin], Pragma=[no-cache], Expires=[0], Content-Length=[0], Date=[Mon, 14 Oct 2019 22:16:34 GMT]}
2019-10-14T22:16:34.664Z WARN p.a.h.BoardCloudResolver:64 [cc.arduino.packages.discoverers.serial.SerialDiscovery] Fail to get the Vid Pid information from the builder response code=404
I'm having an issue that the extension can't find all my libraries
Mike Kinney
@bzeeman I'm having the same issue.
Nikos Mouratidis
@bzeeman Same issue on Windows10 x64. The issue appeared today, when I upgraded Arduino IDE from 1.8.6 to 1.8.10.
What is that?
@bzeeman Is it only those 3 lines for you?
Nikos Mouratidis
For me each compile is now 432 lines of output! (including the 3 lines you submitted)
Before it was just:
'''Sketch uses 1562850 bytes (79%) of program storage space. Maximum is 1966080 bytes.
Global variables use 60460 bytes (18%) of dynamic memory, leaving 267220 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 327680 bytes.'''
Now that message is hidden inside 432 lines of output!
Nikos Mouratidis
OK. My issue is this:
Downgrading to Arduino 1.8.9 ASAP
I just joined this and started using vs-studio arduino and experienced that folding is not working on curly brace but on indent..... what am I doing wrong?
Eric Nelson
Just checking if intellisense works when you're NOT inside Azure IoT. Can I create a new Arduino project and have it just work? In the past that was more or less impossible, but I thought I'd check in to see if anything got better. Thanks & bestโ€ฆ
Peter Wone
@riker65 Arduino code is C with specific libraries and some conventions. It's all about getting your paths right. Behaviour of the editor is as for C/C++. This extension delegates some functionality to the Arduino IDE (build process things) which is unfortunate as I'd rather not have my system polluted by Java.
ISNโ€™T ARDUINO CODE C++? I mean C is contatined within C++, but Arduino libraries have explicit objects like String