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Waleed El-Badry
@timothyblue You may try opening the port from Arduino monitor on Arduino IDE. Apparently the VS code doesn't close the port if left opened
Timothy Blue
Not sure what happened. I thought it was an upgrade of VS Code, but I downgraded to a bunch or previous versions and it didn't seem to help
I also rebooted so there should be no open ports.
Checked device manager, and it still shows the Arduino on COM3
But there are others signs also. Like when I click the COM3 in the bottom of my VS Code, nothing happens
Where it used to let me pick another port
Same thing if I run Arduino: Select Serial Port
just .... nothing
Probably need to go searching for some VS Code error log files.
Timothy Blue
COM 3 monitor still opens correctly from the actual Arduino IDE
Waleed El-Badry
@timothyblue Have you tried uninstall and reinstall the Arduuno plugin ? Let's check that
Timothy Blue
I have done that several times.
I think I'm going to uninstall / reinstall the whole stack today. So, Plugin, VS Code, and also Arduino IDE.
Not sure how many times to reboot during that. At least once between the uninstall and the new install
I looked through all the log files from VS Code and don't see any errors
Timothy Blue
Completed total uninstall / re-install no effect
Timothy Blue
Grrr. It was Acronis thinking the serial monitor was a virus and quarantining it.
Alexandre Dumont
Hi, I'm trying to use Arduino extension in VScode, I used it a long time ago, but today, new sketch, I go to Arduino Board Config, in Selected Board: [] I see nothing, and there are no boards in the dropdown list :(.
I've just gone to Arduino Board Manager, no boards there either, refreshed packages indexes, Arduino AVR appears Installed (1.8.2)
Updated to Arduino AVR 1.8.3, then it appears INSTALLED. Back to Arduino: Board Config: still nothing :/
@adumont Unfortunately there seems to be a bug in the latest version (0.4.6) of the extension. You will need to manually revert to version 0.4.5 in VS Code. Check out this Github issue for more info: microsoft/vscode-arduino#1361
doloris eric
problème de débogage "lauch j.son" ne répond pas . je ne suis pas un grand codeur et je n'y arrive pas
donc problème de synchronisation...merci
Graeme Harker
I get "identifier "PORTA" is undefined" in VS Code but it compiles fine. How do I get rid of the red squiggly?
Fredrik Enestad
any maintainer that have time to review this microsoft/vscode-arduino#1367 ? I think the proper solution would be to upgrade React, that however seems to be a bit more work, so maybe this can be a short term fix to get the latest version working again.
Hi, I have started to use vscode with arduino extension recently and it works fine except for logging.
When I start the serial monitor and reboot a board, I only get the first boot logs. But no more logs. The same board on the arduino IDE serial monitor logs everything fine.
I am actually usin the esp_log function from IDF, could that be the issue that it is not logging?
[Starting] Opening the serial port - COM3
ets Jun 8 2016 00:22:57
configsip: 0, SPIWP:0xee
mode:DIO, clock div:1
entry 0x400805f8
and nothing after that, while with arduino IDE I get logs like:
13:26:37.647 -> [ 31][W][Oddsdsdf.ino:1752] setup(): ** booting.................. - mac@ B
I'm using v0.4.7
Alba Salvá
Hi, good night everybody
I've installed VSCode and the arduino extension, but every time I try to configure anything, for example, the boards, i get an error: "Command 'arduino.showBoardManager' not found"
Can anybody help me?
HI,i've installed VScode and the arduino extension,but i get an msg"use of undeclared identifier 'OUTPUT'
1 reply
macos + vscode + arduino extension
how to fix it?pls
hi, i have a problem in vscode
i have no idea how this app works either, are there anyone here?
Triangle 4

I am not sure where to go to suggest a feature.
The Serial Monitor Needs to be able to take an input.
This a feature that allows us to directly link to the arduino from the PC and without it, we do not have easy access to debugging serial inputs.
I realize at this time vscode doesnt have a dedicated cli line in the terminal section of code, but we kind of need that for this.

I would be happy to code it, but I wouldnt know where to begin. I have never worked on anyone elses project before, and I am likely to do a terrible job at it lol.

Hi VS Code experts
I have a problem setting up VS code to compile my Arduino sketches. The VSC reports > [Warning] Failed to generate IntelliSense configuration.
[Error] Analyzing sketch 'A1_Impact3_ver2.2.ino': Exit with code=1. I have VSC running OK on my Win-7 computer but not on my Win-10. Any ideas?
I am having a weird error - I manually imported two libraries from git hub that were not available via the library manager. I downloaded them into the correct app data folder, edited the include path and Intellisense works fine. However, when I go to upload the verify step fails with an error indicating no such file or directory. The include path is for sure in c_cpp_properties.json - any idea why verify is failing?
Sebastian Aleksander Thomsen
Hey guys. Can I direct your attention to microsoft/vscode-arduino#1373 somehow Intellisense is not being generated for Esp32's and in some cases Esp8266's.
Lucien Nocelli
Is Arduino IDE 2.0 based on Vscode? cause the interface looks almost identical with Vsc.
1 reply
I'm not sure where to go with specific questions about the Arduino plugin...is this the place or should I look elsewhere?
Жмых777 | Непобедимый
hello from console
Peter Dirnhofer
Is there a possibility to programm ATO from vscode-arduino. How to enter a Network port instead of serial port?
Is there a possibility to programm OTA (Over the air) from vscode-arduino. How to enter a Network port instead of serial port?