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Repo info
    Okay. Let me try restarting. Thanks.
    Nope. Same issue still... could not import github.com/aws/aws-sdk-go/service/translate (no package data for import path github.com/aws/aws-sdk-go/service/translate)LSP
    Should my gopath be my normal gopath in thi s instance, or should it be the current go project directory?
    Norbert Melzer
    I don't know.
    Oh well. :/ Thanks. I'll keep asking every so often in here I guess. I don't know where else to look for information at this point.
    @march1993 I have the same problem.
    Anyone know how to get gopls with VS Code to correctly import and recognize modules? I can't get it to recognize any of the AWS modules, or any of the modules I've defined in my go.mod file.
    Anyone? Is there a better place to ask for help when running into issues?
    Hugo Maia Vieira
    @slooker I had this problem before when not opening the vscode via terminal. Opening it via terminal in the project dir with code . works as expected.
    I'm on Linux and using asdf to install go.
    @hugomaiavieira It actually ended up being a difference between using gopls and whatever I was using before that. I had multiple go.mod files in my project, and if you don't open vscode with that as the root, it screws things up.
    After restructuring them into one module with one go.mod, it works fine
    Hugo Maia Vieira
    José Rodrigues
    Hello every one. I'm experiencing an issue with vscode-go. I use cgo and when I import "C" I have this error could not import C (no package data for import path C) and then the completion and all other thing rtelated to the plugin stop working. Anyone eslse experiencing this?
    Amit Levy
    @hugomaiavieira I had problems debugging a Go module. It wasn't recognizing GO111MODULE=on even though I had set it up in launch.json under env. The workaround you suggested using the terminal worked, thanks
    Brennen Awana
    Anyone know how to change go version?
    compile: version "go1.12.6" does not match go tool version "go1.10.3"
    Odell Joseph
    Anyone know what command vscode uses to call goreturns ? It doesn't show up in the logs
    @ramya-rao-a Hi Ramya, do you think the new release is coming soon? It has been a month since last release
    Luis de Leon
    Hello everyone!
    I have a question if someone could help me, how can I configure the extension to find do dependency lookup in the vendor folder?
    I have same problem with @feffe. It always get undeclared for any define of other file same folder. Anyone know this issue and how fix it?
    Miguel Sandim
    Hey everyone! Does anyone have this issue as well?
    using Go 1.12.9, with the last version of VSCode and the GO extension
    @msandim yes go.1.13 and a lot of unexpected config warning (about 40+)
    Miguel Sandim
    I installed go 1.13 and I have the same issues.
    I have been getting a Green Screen of Death basically everytime I open a go project in vscode
    100% reproducable
    I could not figure out what was causing it until today
    I was told to disable vs code extensions and try again
    I did and I didn't get a BSOD/GSOD
    So I alternated enabling/disabling in order to find out the cause
    And it boiled down to the Go extension
    I just uninstalled it
    And working with the project didn't give me any issues
    Then I reinstalled it
    Opened the project and got a BSOD within seconds
    Hi I need some help please, I'm using IBM hyperLedger plugin, and whenever I click on "Package Open Project" to create my smart contract I get this:
    I have added these 2 lines to my :
    export GOPATH=/Users/xxx/go
    export PATH=$PATH:$GOPATH/bin
    also, whenever I go to the VSCode and run "Go: Current GOPATH" I get the same path as it is in the bash_profile
    and still having this issue not sure what to do next
    NVM thx, got it solved
    Michael O'Keeffe

    This issue is back.

    Cursor jumps to end of file with "editor.formatOnSave": true in vscode 1.33

    Version: 1.38.1
    Commit: b37e54c98e1a74ba89e03073e5a3761284e3ffb0
    Date: 2019-09-11T13:30:08.229Z
    Electron: 4.2.10
    Chrome: 69.0.3497.128
    Node.js: 10.11.0
    V8: 6.9.427.31-electron.0
    OS: Linux x64 5.2.11-100.fc29.x86_64

    Anyone have a solution?