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    guys, anyone is aware of any updates for the Floating Windows microsoft/vscode#10121 ? is it on the roadmap?
    Hi, I was wondering if there's a built in vscode command for hiding and revealing an icon on the activity bar (the vscode command for the button in the photo below). Something similar to workbench.activityBar.visible but for specific view containers (eg explorer, search, or your own custom view container). Thank you!
    Hey are there any VS devs here? I’d really like to understand how to structure an SPA or electron app in a sensible way without react or angular or what have you. Basically I’m curious how VS code avoids becoming a ball of jquery-esque spaghetti
    Tirth Mehta
    Hey, I'm new to open source contributions. can anyone guide me towards how to effectively contribute to vscode?
    anybody has been facing issues debugging c# code ?
    every time, after i run the code ( ctrl + F5) , i am unable to debug ( F5 ) .. the breakpoints are not being hit debugging symbols not loaded.
    i have to restart VScode for debugging to work again
    is there a way to remove the worktree property when cloning a github repository on vscode? It fills the property with a Windows path which breaks WSL when running jekyll
    when I remove that line it works fine, and it seems to be vscode's git extension that uses it. when i clone from the command line it's not there and everything works fine
    this is really annoying since the worktree property is set to an absolute windows path, so it breaks if you move the repository or run any git command on it using WSL
    to make it even more annoying this only happens on newly configured machines, old machines (including mine) don't have this behavior
    is there any way to change the undo behavior? It seems to me that every space you type add something to the stack. So if I type 3 words, I have to undo 3 times. I prefer to work more like a text editor, where I only have to type undo once here.
    Is there a way to force an open editor to reload file? I had to pass editing an open file using the editor object and am updating the file on disc. I make sure the file isn't dirty first and VSCode will update the text in the editor but not fast enough. When I make the change on disc and compare the text in file and text in editor they are different. I need to make sure that the editor has updated with the insert text. textEditor does not have a refresh of any kind...
    why is this snippet not working as expected? import ${0:${1:module}} from '${1}'; I'd expect the first placeholder to be selected after pressing tab, but instead it only selects the first letter of the first placeholder
    Fixed it by counting lines in file and editor.document. When those 2 match I continue. And I only allow to wait max 2 seconds.
    How do I convert a file to a base64 string?
    Andrew Blakey

    I'm curious before I start digging too deep, does the extension API for Vscode enable access to the data obtained within the context of a debug session?

    For example, I debug an emulator with a 32_000 sized vector of integers. Basically impossible to use the debugger to examine this. I was thinking of making an extension that shows a pane representing selected debug variables in a more appropriate hex readout interface.

    John Heath
    @arangan__twitter I had a similar issue with typescript , the unbound / unverified breakpoints were due to the debug session not mapping them to the source correctly. In the launch (NOTE for typescript) I had to add an entry
    John Heath
    my point being that perhaps its similar and there is a "delaying" entry or some mapping entry (root/srcdir) that can allow the vscode debug stuff to sync properly
    is there any in cloud vscode ready for use ?
    @CaribouJohn thank you for that. Let me look into it.
    Maybe I am too dumb to find the solution the docs/prefs but it drives me nuts that vscode "shifts left" when I type [] {} || in a java editor ... so if i type x==y || it produces x|=|y . I want to teach it to "Shift right" after It generates a bracket pair or after I type a pipe. Must be a misconfig on my side, but i cannot find it for the life of me.
    To clarify my problem, I of course mean the cursor shifts left. :) So if i type [] the cursor ends up on the left side of the bracket pair, same with "@", "{}" and worst with "|" since i tend to type fast.
    @all I have opened an issue for nested snippets microsoft/vscode#101526. I have opened a couple of issues in the past that did not receive enough community upvotes. If you see value in having nested snippets, I would appreciate an upvote!
    David Baker Effendi

    Hi all, I've been struggling to figure out how I would go about adding linting to an extension I've created (which only supports syntax highlighting currently). I thought I'd just throw my question out on here:

    I can lint the code from the document (extracting code from looking at the on text-decoration) but I'm not sure if should decorate the text with underlines myself (using something like createTextEditorDecorationType) or report the warnings and errors via the VSCode API. I've looked at ESLint and PyLint as examples but they are quite large and overwhelming but I get the direction that linting errors and warnings are reported to the VSCode API somehow.

    Does anyone have advice on where I can get started on reporting linting issues and/or the basic process for linting in extensions? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    Alexey Murz Korepov
    Hello! Is there any ways to search text in "Results" window of MySQL (or other SQL) extension? Ctrl+F not working, right-click too.
    Alexey Murz Korepov

    Hello! Is there any ways to search text in "Results" window of MySQL (or other SQL) extension? Ctrl+F not working, right-click too.

    I post issue about this here formulahendry/vscode-mysql#143 but seems this is VS Code limitation?

    Hi All, My vscode extension uses keytar to store credentials. I'm in process of writing ui based integration tests. When running on non gui linux, my tests fail as i can't access keytar. Any suggesstions on how to use the keytar in non gui mode?
    Peter Aaser
    i.e I come from an emacs background, and I have some things I do there that I would like to do in vscode, but I'm not sure where to begin and where to ask
    Is this the correct place to discuss configurating vscode?
    Or is this place more focused on development
    (and yes, "how do I make vscode" more like my emacs might not be the best pitch ever)
    Hey, guys. I can't use the copy line down/up shortcut (ctrl + shift + alt + up / down) on linux mint debian edition.
    I've read the, but it seems none of it fits my situation.

    superadmin > <> microsoft/vscode-remote-release#3078


    superadmin Gitter Integration: answer!!
    say my build output errors require me to ctrl+click on compile errors (e.g. the src\ to seek to the relevant place. clicking alone doesn't seem to do anything. I could have sworn that it used to seek to the relevant place with a simple click... not being that familiar with vscode just wondering what normally controls this to investigate. Is this part of vscode or the plugin (rust-analyzer) I'm using or potentially both?
    microburst Is there a general microsoft group/channel/room on matrix?
    Alexey Murz Korepov
    @microburst what is the address of this room in Matrix? I see it only in Gitter
    Brian Paterni
    Has anybody managed to wrangle a good process for remote devcontainers?
    but I can't seem to get it to work right. The hope is to develop "locally" with vscode, but have the devcontainer running on a remote machine
    Brian Paterni
    For my case, I ended up having to use an SSH tunnel
    This allows vscode to build the container on the remote machine - mostly - but for some reason only a package-lock.json file is bound into the devcontainer workspace :(
    Shivang Tripathi

    Hey everyone, excited to get started on contributing to VSCode. I just ran the yarn eslint command and found 3 files to be having trivial linting warnings. Is there a reason for this or can I open a PR for this?

    Sorry if it's a dumb question 🙁


    My usual Remote - SSH VM has stopped working. Authentication is fine. The remote server copies over. I'm getting "Segementation Fault (core dumped)" in the server log. Just running the vscode server node binary with no args from bash results in the same error message. objdump -tT ~/.vscode-server/d5e.../node results in "File format not recognized". I've nuked ~/.vscode-server/ and reconnected. I'm trying to figure out what to do next. The local machine is Windows 10. The Remote VM is Ubuntu Trusty.
    Eric Peters
    is there any way to make the ctrl-shift-o into a (shift+shift) to match intellij's keybindings?
    oh hmm microsoft/vscode#5280 seems complicated
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    ~Bono [Paul Hewson]

    Hello everyone! Please help if you have an idea around the following, am kinda stuck and need help! TIA

    Has anyone here worked on building a debugging protocol from start? I am a student, starting to work on it and needs some help with it.

    The debugger is that for an assembler code, the debugger backend is being written in Java. I have gone through the VS code docs and DAP docs but still there are things which are a bit unclear to me. ( Some naive queries )

    The things which I wish to understand are:

    1. What all will I have to implement to attain the debugging features in the editor?
    2. Which part of my implementation communicates with the debugger backend?
    3. What are we supposed to ensure in our debugger backend? Like any particular functions or APIs that we need to work with OR any particular way in which the responses from it should be provided?
    4. Where does the debugger backend gets hosted/ where does it runs?

    Sorry If the questions are too naive, I tried reading the docs but I am bit unclear about these and hence stuck over it. Any help and guidance will mean a lot!
    Thank you so much :)

    Andrew Blakey

    Today got updated to 2.1.7 and created an ominous pop-up about reading files in my node_modules dir. Instead of permitting it, I went to the repo to first understand what changed in the extension and if it's legit and safe.

    I found no references to 2.1.7. No 2.1.7 code in master, no notes in changelog, no tags, no releases. Whatever code was used to update the extension in the vscode marketplace is not present in the repo. This creates a problem where I don't know how to validate open source code being installed to and run on my machine.

    I don't want to sound ungrateful because I truly am appreciative of hard work people do for open source software. It makes my life easier every single day. But I feel a bit stuck and would appreciate advice on how to gain perspective, adjust my expectations, or behave differently to address the issue. Also, is this normal or typical in this ecosystem?

    Thanks again. I really hope I don't come off as being demanding or ungrateful.