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Oct 2015
Oct 31 2015 16:44
Hello. I had RPW 4.3.0 running on a Windows 10 PC last night. Today, it is crashing with a fatal error. Is there a basic troubeshooting guide for RPW? Google search did not help. I would rather not spam the developer with a bug if it is an operator error.
Or maybe this is the developer's chat room. Ah well. The question may still be relevant. No activity for the last couple weeks. Guess I'll check back another time.
Ondřej Hruška
Oct 31 2015 18:18
@gitsnead no activity because nobody used this ^^
I don't think there's much I can do though, Windows is not really supported (it works because it's Java, but that's it), and Windows 10 is not even tested. It can be anything...
if you can post the crash report or the log to the bugtracker, maybe we can try to find what's up.