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May 2016
Dietrich Schulten
May 21 2016 05:27
In they have a 3D preview which is even editable. Unfortunately, the application is not really stable and the painting features are very limited. Using an external editor as in rpw is way more solid. But would it make an interesting feature request to make editing/viewing combined stuff more easy? Something which stitches a bed together from above, then allows to edit that with Gimp. When done, it could un-stitch the bed parts afterwards, maybe. Same for the other sides. It would also be helpful if the result could be previewed in a 3d view.
Kevin Taylor
May 21 2016 22:11
hey can anyone help me out, I cant figure out how to update my packs to 1.8 :/
Kevin Taylor
May 21 2016 22:34
May 21 2016 23:40
@nivekrolyat122_twitter Are you looking to just make it work in 1.9 without the errors? Or do you want to add the new blocks and such to an existing RP?