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Aug 2016
Aug 16 2016 18:28
Hey um how do you do the custom sounds?
@MightyPork idk if you got the notification just now IDK how this works so how do you do custom sounds? I'm in the window for it, i just don't know from there.
Ondřej Hruška
Aug 16 2016 19:11
I don't really remember tbh. Look if there's something in the Help. Also right-click on the right window should open a context menu which is used for something. @EthanRDoesMC__twitter
but I don't really know if it still works for the current version of minecraft. Haven't tried it in ages.
Aug 16 2016 19:36
I found it
It does
Add music as normal then do
/playsound (customsoundname) (category) @p
YAY it works like a charm
:D thanks for trying tho